Sepang: Night Race, Day Race, Night Race, Day…

Sepang: Night Race, Day Race, Night Race, Day…

2007 Malaysian Grand PrixI’ve honestly lost count how times Sepang has gone back and forth on the night race idea. What I can remember is that Bernie Ecclestone wants it, as he seems to want at just about every other venue on the calendar, and Malaysian Grand Prix organisers seemed a little hesitant about it. Well, initially at least.

But now, after the whole saga (and others) going on since late-last year, it seems as though the 2009 race at Sepang will be held under floodlight. According to many news agencies, event organisers spoke with the teams and drivers last weekend to get their input into a night race, and now it is up to further planning before being given the go ahead.

After ten successful years, we need a new challenge and this [night race] is the challenge we are looking for. Efforts will now be focused towards that. We will start working on the night race and if all goes to plan, it will be next year. Datuk Azmi Murad, Sepang General Manager.

Am I the only one expecting the 2010 championship to be held entirely under artificial lights?

Image courtesy of Williams and Allianz.


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