Sato and Albers Reprimanded

Sato and Albers Reprimanded

Christijan Albers is Penalised for Ignoring Blue FlagsSuper Aguri driver Takuma Sato has been excluded from the Chinese Grand Prix result after the stewards deemed his blocking tactics in the final lap of the race were avoidable and unnecessary. Takuma Sato’s move caused Rubens Barrichello and Nick Heidfeld to have spins just prior to completing to final lap, and Pedro De La Rosa was promoted after passing them.

Christijan Albers was also punished for ignoring blue flags during the race and not moving out of the way of faster cars lapping the Spyker driver. For this offence though, Albers received a 25 second penalty added to his total race time. The reason behind his different punishment to Sato’s is because it is a first offence for Albers, whereas Sato has been in trouble earlier in the season.

Despite having a 25 second penalty added to his race time, Albers actually went from 16th to 15th because of Takuma Sato’s exclusion.

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