San Marino May Return To Calendar

San Marino May Return To Calendar

Imola Circuit - Google Earth ImageThe Formula One San Marino Grand Prix – held at the Imola circuit – may return next year after team bosses unanimously agreed to have 18 races next year. When the FIA released their provisional calendar for the 2007 season, San Marino was omitted, and suspicions arose when it was thought that Sagis (the circuit owners) may have been delayed in making modifications and improvments needed to bring the circuit up to current high standards. It was thought that Bernie Ecclestone was leaving the Grand Prix off the calendar for now to apply a little pressure on the circuit owners to speed up with the building work.

However, the provisional calendar for next years Formula One season does currently have a couple of unexplained gaps where races could be slotted into if needed, but Imola (and any other circuit) would need the unanimous agreement from all teams to hold a race there on top of the current events. This was reached today, and providing Sagis can get the required work completed, then the San Marino race will more than likely take place.

Suzuka is now looking less and less likely to get a reprieve for 2007, as the Japanese Grand Prix has been moved the Fuji International Speedway. The teams could (in theory) agree to including the circuit in the guise of a Pacific Grand Prix, but with 17 races at the moment, with the potential to race at 18, 19 events may be pushing the boundaries a little too far. However, if I controlled F1 in its entirety, Suzuka would be on the calendar and also in a prime spot, like the finale or even the opener.

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