Public To Decide On Bernie’s Medal Idea?

Public To Decide On Bernie’s Medal Idea?

Before I begin this post, I have to ask one question: What happened to the old Max Mosley? The ‘I have an idea and it will be implemented, irregardless of common sense and general opinion’ Max. Because it would seem that after three years of stating on BlogF1 that the fans should decide, the fans could be about to decide. Take it with a fist full of salt, but Mosley reckons we should decide if Bernie Ecclestone’s medal system should be given the go ahead or not.

Of course, the medal idea was not of Mosley’s creation, and currently any changes made to the rules of Formula One have to passed through the FIA, of which Mosley is still the president of. And after the talks in Monaco late last week, Mosley stated that he didn’t think the change proposed to the points system would be good. So Mosley has decided that market research should be conducted and the fans point of view taken on board. Speaking to Italian sports newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, Max had the following to say:

We’ll make a market survey and decide based on the results. Extending the points-paying positions to the top eight by reducing the difference between first and second was a mistake, but I’m against changing the points system too often. It disorientates people. Max Mosley.

This isn’t the first time the FIA have sought the fan’s opinions on Formula One, the organisation having conducted a couple of surveys in the mid-2000s. However, those who completed those surveys felt a little cheated when the results were largely ignored. Although what we had to say lead to great reading, the fact remains that many of the circuits we expressed a love for have since been remodeled of removed from the calendar. While the reasons behind the changes may have little to do with wanting to race there, the fact remains that more could have been done to save certain tracks.

However, regarding the medal idea, which would see the driver’s championship decided by medals rather than points, it has been put to a public opinion poll. Already, the official Formula One website has a poll up, although the current results are not shown, even after voting. Despite this, I have voted – I want my vote counted on this matter. I’m not sure if this vote on the Formula One site is the actual market research that Mosley was speaking of, or if it was something Ecclestone decided to do in addition to the research in order add weight to his argument when the findings get discussed in the future. Either way, I think this is quite exciting; allowing fans a chance to add their voices to the future of the sport.

The cynic inside of me says that this is just a ploy for Mosley to gain some brownie points in the eyes of the public and his peers, which would mean that come summer 2009, the embattled president would ‘have no choice but to run for another term’. You know what I mean and you know you cannot rule out this kind of move from Max.

But either cynic or optimist, I urge you to head over to the Formula One site and add your vote. It may be we are going to be totally ignored, or it may be the start of something good – the FIA actually listening to those who keep the sport ticking over. Either way, for the sake a quick click, it has to be worth it.

Have your say and vote on the medal proposal at Formula One’s official website.


  • Note to Bernie (and Max), MISSED OPPORTUNITY !!!!

    Call 08931 101 to vote for medals or 08931 102 to vote for points
    (Calls can make 35p from landlines and considerably more from mobile networks…)


  • There’s already a public vote on the medals thing on – is that what Max means?

    That was my cynical point in the post – as the vote appeared on and not, I don’t know if this is the market research, or something extra Bernie has decided to do.

    Call 08931 101 to vote for medals or 08931 102 to vote for points

    Hehe, wasn’t there was a bit of scandal this year with rigged telephone voting on daytime TV shows? I seem to remember ITV getting into some trouble, which may explain the sudden move back to the BBC for Formula One. 🙂

  • Could be a bit of a Claytons vote if you ask me. Concerns me greatly that the result is not displayed when you vote – so its up to the powers that be to report the correct result.

    Which, if it doesn’t tally with what they want to do, might well be disregarded and we’ll never be any the wiser.

    I am not holding my breath on this one.

  • the medal system is exactly the same as (for a 17-race season):

    First = 289 points

    Second = 17 points

    third = 1 point

    which is totally going the opposite way from 10-6-4 to 10-8-6 system if you ask me… so this is just another way to say bernie wants the old scoring system back…

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