Nurburgring: Initial Reaction

Nurburgring: Initial Reaction

Felipe Massa - 2007 Bahrain Grand PrixFollowing what was a chaotic race that saw emotions run high, the initial reactions to various incidents will no doubt deepen previous wounds and cause a few choice words be shared in the paddock. There was the altercation between Ralf Schumacher and Nick Heidfeld at the final corner, and of course that overtaking move by Alonso to take the lead from Massa in the dying laps of the race.

Ralf Schumacher had made an error coming out the chicane, and this allowed the following BMW of Heidfeld to pull right up behind the Toyota. Going into the final right hander, Nick made his move and got his front wheels as far as Ralf’s barge board before the leading German closed the door. As usual in these cases, the driver in front spins and driver behind is able to back off, let the accident happen and then continue. And this is pretty much what happened. Ralf removed himself from the car, pushed a marshal back and appeared to look very angrily for Nick.

I was very disappointed with Nick. We were in a good position, we were quick, as quick as the BMWs and the cars in front so we could have really scored some important points today. The corner before I made a little mistake which is why he came so close, but I thought that it was clear to him that he wasn’t close enough to do so. I mean he had only one wheel inside which for sure is not enough. Ralf Schumacher.

The following lap Nick Heidfeld raised an arm as he passed the scene of the accident, either apologising to Ralf or displaying his anger at the situation.

The accident with Ralf Schumacher was very unlucky. He was slow accelerating out of the chicane, at first left room for me, but closed the door once he realised I was there. Unfortunately at this point I was on the wet part of the track and couldn’t avoid a collision. Nick Heidfeld.

Although the incident was under investigation, the stewards have decided to not penalise either driver and put it down to a racing incident.

And then there was the move that allowed Fernando Alonso to take the race victory today, on lap 56 passing Felipe Massa in true audacious-Alonso style. After their final pit stops, Fernando appeared to be much quicker than the Brazilian, harassing the Ferrari’s gear box and darting left and right. Alonso managed to get past the Ferrari, but only after the pair had touched, leaving black rubber marks down the left side of Alonso’s McLaren.

Jumping out of the car in parc ferme, Fernando pointed towards these marks, and then went to find Massa to object to the Brazilian’s driving style. Massa was equally as angry, losing his temper with the Spaniard as the pair climbed up on to the podium. During the celebrations, Felipe looked incensed as former Ferrari champion Michael Schumacher handed out the trophies. Felipe has since apologised for his lack of control.

I was surprised so I got angry with him. If he is not happy then it’s not my problem. Felipe Massa.

This isn’t the first time this weekend Alonso and Massa have clashed, as the pair had an altercation during Friday free practice. If the championship comes down to these two in Brazil, I can see tears before bedtime.

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  • I do feel sorry for Ralf. He’s been driving alot better lately and was in line for some solid points. The whole Massa-Alonso thing is more laughable than anything. It was great race viewing and the clash on and off the track is I believe good for F1. What’s wrong with a bit of colour and emotion.

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