Nick Heidfeld Appointed GPDA Chairman

Nick Heidfeld Appointed GPDA Chairman

Former BMW pilot and current Mercedes reserve driver Nick Heidfeld has been appointed as chairman of the Grand Prix Driver’s Association after a meeting between the members in Australia. The association was headed by Pedro De La Rosa, but since gaining a race seat with Sauber, the Spaniard was keen to step down in order to fully focus on his new role. Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber have also stepped down from their positions, to be replaced by Felipe Massa and Sebastian Vettel.

It should be noted that fellow Mercedes driver and multiple world champion Michael Schumacher has not signed up to the GPDA, and it isn’t expected for Heidfeld’s appointment to change this.

After all the years I have been involved in setting it up the guys have been doing a good job for three years. I don’t think they need me. And as I’m not here for the long-term future, only for a limited time, I don’t think I should get involved. Michael Schumacher.

Nick Heidfeld is one of the more experienced pilots involved with Formula One, having competed in 167 grands prix and having competed with Prost, Sauber, Jordan, Williams and BMW before the manufacturer left the sport at the end of the 2009.

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