News Round-up: Pre Indianapolis

News Round-up: Pre Indianapolis

Ralf Schumacher - 2007 Malaysian Grand PrixAs the Formula One circus head South to Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the majority of news has centred around Lewis Hamilton and Robert Kubica. One driver winning his first race, and the other surviving a huge accident. BMW will make a decision later today as to whether or not they will run the Polish driver, but doctors have urged Kubica to miss the event just in case. Robert has expressed his wish to race though, so it will probably come down to his test with the FIA.

While in America, Kubica has discussed his accident a little more, telling reporters that he feels very lucky to be alive, and that no one was really to blame for the crash.

I thought Jarno would hold his normal line but then we touched and my front wing went under the car and I lost control. But it happens – there is no one to blame. This is motor sport, we all know the risks.

There is no reasonable explanation for the fact that I didn’t break even a finger – you could hurt yourself more if you trip on the way up the stairs. If I had that crash ten years ago, we would not now be talking; so thanks to everyone at the FIA, all the safety people.

The most important thing is that my head is alright. I have no pain, my mind is clear and I can concentrate. My ankle is not in perfect shape, but it doesn’t bother me – sometimes you hurt more after a long day of testing. The FIA doctors will decide but I hope I can drive at Indy. That is the best way for me to get back to real life. Robert Kubica.

Ralf Schumacher has stated that he doesn’t like the infield layout of the Indianapolis circuit and believes F1 doesn’t belong on an oval, probably due to his lack of a points finish and two big accidents at the place. The US Grand Prix was also in the news today as Bernie Ecclestone has said that Formula One can continue without America, but the teams are reluctant to back Ecclestone. Most manufacturers have key markets in the States, and to lose the publicity that comes with running at Indy would undoubtedly hurt the big names in motoring. Toyota, whom Ralf currently races for, are one team that would like to see the race continue, along with BMW and Ferrari.

Speaking to a British newspaper, Ecclestone had the following to say.

It is not vital to Formula One to be in the United States. There are bigger markets for us to be in other parts of the world. We could be in India soon instead of the United States. We don’t have a lot of sponsors from the US, no American teams and only one driver. I get along with Tony George (owner of Indianapolis Speedway) and I hope we can strike a deal, but we have offers from other places in the US too. Bernie Ecclestone.

Check out the new poll on the homepage: Will Nick Heidfeld come out of Indy ahead of either Ferrari drivers in the championship? Currently Nick is on 26 points, while ahead of him, Raikkonen is on 27 and Massa is on 33. It is perfectly possible for Heidfeld to move up the tables after the Brickyard race…

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