Mosley’s Invitation To Israel Withdrawn

Mosley’s Invitation To Israel Withdrawn

I had started to write a second update to my earlier post; I don’t want to continuously swamp you with Mosley news. Like you I’m sure, I too am getting tired of the Mosley ‘scandal’. However, it is important to Formula One. I don’t mean the ins-and-outs of what Max gets up to in his personal life, but what is abundantly clear to me is that Mosley cannot function, effectively, as the president of the FIA at the moment. I won’t repeat everything I said in the previous post, but this afternoon more news has been reported which compounds my feelings on Max’s current position.

While in Jordan this week, Mosley had been invited to hold discussions with Israel about the future of motor sport in the country by Israeli’s Minister of Science, Culture and Sport, Galeb Majadle. Max in fact pointed out himself to the media that these talks were important, hence his reason for being in Jordan for their inaugural world rally event.

I came to Jordan because of the political importance of this event – that’s why I went to Rally Ireland last year and that’s why I go to events. Max Mosley.

However, after making some media inquiries, the Israeli government has issued the following statement.

The Minister for Science, Culture and Sport, Galeb Majadle, who is now in Jordan attending the WRC’s Jordan Rally, met during the course of his visit with the president of the FIA, Mr Max Mosley.

Their discussions were on the issues of motorsport in Israel, which is in its starting stages, and the support it receives from the FIA; and the suggestion that the FIA will follow closely the development of this sport in Israel.

The Minister, who was not at all aware of the scandal currently surrounding Mosley’s name, would like to make it now clear that his invitation was not intended to be personal to Mosley himself but rather to the representative of the FIA as a global organization.

In any event, once the scandal was brought to the Minister’s attention, he has requested to withdraw immediately any official invitation to Mosley until the matter is reviewed more thoroughly once back in Israel. Statement from Israeli Government.

The emphasis was in the original statement and not of my interpretation.

The only part of my post from earlier today that I wish to repeat is as follows…

…How can the president of the FIA function properly and do the job required to the best of their abilities if they are not made to feel welcome by any nation or organisation that has, or could have an interest in the future of motor sport or the general motoring industry that falls within the FIA’s scope of work?

I’m not out to get Mosley, nor am I wanting to start a crusade to see him ousted from his position. But the president of the FIA is an important role that is globally observed. A fundamental part of which is surely to hold talks with developing countries about the future of motor sport. Especially when it is these countries who are wanting to initiate discussions.

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