Montoya to RBR?

Montoya to RBR?

The silly season begins in earnest as Horner confirms he is serious about hiring Juan Pablo Montoya for 2007 and beyond. With Fernando Alonso’s signed McLaren contract, there is only one seat left at McLaren, and Montoya hasn’t had the greatest two seasons with the squad. Juan Pablo has admitted to talking to other teams as well as Ron Dennis, and maybe Red Bull Racing would be a good choice for the Colombian. RBR have the cash, they will soon have the car just as soon as Adrian Newey can design one from scratch and the engine will hopefully be there when Ferrari work out the issues with it. Click here for ITV’s full article.


  • This could also spell the end of DC’s F1 driving career. Klien has shown blistering pace this season, out-qualifying DC in most qualys this season. I think top teams like Renault and Ferrari are keeping an eye on the lad(CK) as well.


    PS: Great Site, just what have been looking for. Hopefuly we can get more people on.

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