Monaco: Plus24

Monaco: Plus24

Twenty four hours on from the Monaco Grand Prix, and what an event it was!? With controversy, incidents on track, overtaking, and so much more – this race will not be forgotten for a long time.

Two drivers who will never forget this race – despite how hard they may try – are Michael Schumacher and Kimi Raikkonen. Both drivers have to make a decision soon as to their futures in Formula One. And after the events at the Monaco Grand Prix, I think their decisions have been made a little easier…

Let’s start with Schumacher: What are the chances of the 7 times world champion hanging up his helmet after the Brazilian Grand Prix and retiring to his castle in Switzerland? This question has been mooted aruond since Saturday afternoon, and many F1 pundits think it is quite possible. The reason they give for believing this race was the turning point – the criticism Michael received from his fellow drivers. They absolutely berated the guy, and some went on to say that he should stand down from the Grand Prix Drivers Association.

At first, I went along with this theory, thinking that Schumacher will have been quite hurt by all this (despite the fact I feel he is guilty as charged) and would not want to continue for any longer than he had to. But now, 24 hours later, I think differently. I think he will continue for another year at the helm of a Ferrari.

Michael Schumacher is no stranger to controversy and he has bounced back many times from incidents that have damaged his reputation. For sure he wouldn’t have expected quite the backlash from other drivers immediately after the parking demonstration, but it will be forgotten about by the time he wins his next race.

Is Schumacher retiring? Nah, not yet.

The second possible change to come about after the Monaco Grand Prix centres around Kimi Raikkonen. Kimi drove a superb race in Monte Carlo, pushing Alonso right to the very ragged edge of adhesion and the pair set blistering lap times for the whole of the first stint – it was very exciting to say the least. The two drivers swapped fastest laps until the McLaren overheated while following the safety car and Kimi parked it up by the tunnel. So angry at yet another race thrown away, Kimi stormed away from the circuit and boarded a yacht moored in the harbour. Kimi chilled out for the rest of the race, and I for one do not blame him. Had it not been for the safety car, Kimi would have probably taken the lead of the race because he had more fuel than Alonso and could have pushed forward for a couple more laps. But it is all academic as Kimi receives another DNF.

Kimi’s reaction to this failure was very much like Senna’s, when in that famous Monaco Grand Prix, Ayrten was uncontactable for 24 hours after he crashed his McLaren due to an apparent loss of concentration.

The reason why this event may cause a change in the future is because this failure could prompt Kimi to sign to another team. Many people believe Kimi has already signed to Ferrari for 2007, but if he hasn’t, I think may put pen to paper before the British Grand Prix in a fortnight. While the McLaren is improving, and it was certainly very fast in Monaco, their season has been lacklustre and dogged with failures. Ferrari – on the other hand – appear to be getting to grips with their initial shortfalls and now seem to be the main opposition to Renault.

Has Kimi signed to Ferrari? More than likely!


  • Seems to me, after the incident at the weekend, that there is no knowing what Mr Schumacher is going to do next.

  • Kimi has already signed a letter of intent with Ferrari. In exchange of $5 Million, Ferrari has first right of refusal for Kimi’s services. Whether or he ends up with Ferrari he has made cool 5 mil.

    Now that is obvious that Michael’s chances for winning the championship this year are getting slim, he might not retire in the end of this year. Schumi and Kimi won’t fit in the same team, no matter what they say.

    Therefore, Kimi might as well join Kovalainen in the Renault; Ferrari keeps the same line-up and Montoya join Red Bull with Couldhart. Hamilton will partner with Alonso.

    What happens to Fisi I couldn’t care less…

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