Max Mosley: Unlikely To Quit Before 2009

Max Mosley: Unlikely To Quit Before 2009

In an interview with The Times Online on Sunday, Max Mosley took the time to discuss some of the recent proposals put forward by Formula One’s governing body in a bid to lower costs for the teams and further extend the life of the sport. During the interview, Max reiterated his hopes for budget caps, currently due to come into force in 2009, and suggested the figure would eventually come down to a very tiny €50m. Mosley also discussed KERS, a greener future for Formula One and whether or not he thinks he’ll stand for re-election next year.

One of the big manufacturers said if we can get the budgets down, so they are not having to spend €200m, but €50m or less, they’d be in the sport for ever. But if they keep on having to spend big, they have to be winning, and clearly they can’t all win. Max Mosley.

That’ll be either Renault or Honda then. The Japanese squad reopened the budget cap idea late last year and since then the FIA, whom Max is president for, have been running with it. On the other hand, Renault famously run their championship winning squad on comparatively little and have also threatened to leave on more than one occasion. Renault tend not to offer any long-term attitude, a shame that I think does them bad, but understandably Toyota’s predicted €330 budget is quite steep competition.

I absolutely want to see KERS working, and to see a clear path to coming up with an ultra-modern high-tech engine for 2013. Max Mosley.

2013 is an important year for the FIA because their first phase of engine-freezing will have expired and it is expected for the formula to be tweaked slightly, possibly to introduce such systems and those Mosley wants, making the units more efficient with their energy.

However, Max’s next discussion point raises an eyebrow and relates to his power over Formula One. It comes across as overly arrogant, although I’m sure that could just be the way I’m reading it.

Teams are supposed to reduce downforce on their cars by 50% for 2009, which should make overtaking much easier. All that complex bodywork works very well in still air, but once in another car’s slipstream, it doesn’t work. But I’ve seen it all before, and I’m deeply suspicious the 50% won’t be 50% when the time comes. But because we control the tyres, we can just reduce the grip. I can say to Bridgestone, ‘Make them harder’. If we went far enough with that, the cars would start sliding around again. Max Mosley.

“Make them harder”. For sure that would make the cars slide around more, but quite how that affects the safety of the car and driver in the event of an accident I’ll leave for an expert to discuss. Just to say, I can’t see how reducing the grip of the tyres is really the way forward. Max’s quote above kind of suggests that the FIA have asked for 50% reduction in downforce, but haven’t got it. That doesn’t mean they should then consider altering the tyres, it means the FIA need to manage the team better. If a child doesn’t sit quietly, you don’t start going on about its use of a knife and fork, you stick with the ‘sit quietly’ topic until you get what you want.

Regarding 2009, when Max’s current term is up, he had this say:

Provided I remain relatively sane I won’t quit before October 2009; beyond that I have to think very, very carefully. There is a tendency to stay a little bit too long, especially when things seem to be going relatively well. But this is a sport which you almost certainly have to conclude works best with one person capable of taking a decision. Max Mosley.

I personally hope Max doesn’t stand again. We need someone new in the position, someone different. Formula One needs a change. For sure Mosley has done some aspects of his job well, but it is hard to ignore the monumental mistakes that have occurred over the years. I’m not going to suggest that a different person won’t make the same mistakes, just that it will be someone different.

And finally, Max admits to reading some the blogs, stating that he enjoys it when we all get furious with him.

I love reading the blogs when they are being furious about me, it’s very entertaining, and there is the odd one which defends me. Max Mosley.

Well, if you keep making silly decisions, we’ll continue to be furious with you, Max.


  • An old friend of mine used to say that, if you think you’re insane, it’s okay, you’re not. It’s those who are convinced they’re sane who need to worry.

    Over the years I have come to recognise the wisdom in that statement. And it leaves me wondering how Max is going to assess his sanity.

  • “I love reading [] blogs”

    I wonder if he’s read this blog, even this article? Perhaps if you are reading this Max, you could leave a comment 🙂


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