Max Mosley Grieves The Loss Of His Son, Alexander

Max Mosley Grieves The Loss Of His Son, Alexander

Max Mosley’s eldest son, Alexander, was found dead in his west London home yesterday afternoon, it has been reported. Alexander was considered by many as an intelligent man who graduated from Oxford University before completing a doctorate at the University of London. Alexander was a celebrated mathematician and has worked as a software developer, economist and was also the co-owner of a popular London restaurant. He was just 39 years old. The police have stated that they are not treating the death as suspicious.

A resident of St Luke’s Mews in Notting Hill, Alexander was said to have battled with drugs during his life and it has been speculated that the cause of his untimely passing may have been an overdose. The FIA, whom father Max is the president of, released a statement of condolences and asked the press to respect the privacy of the Mosley family.

The FIA extends sincere condolences to the Mosley family on the sad news of the death of Alexander Mosley. Our thoughts are with Alexander’s family and friends, and we would request that the media respect the Mosley family’s privacy at this difficult time. FIA Statement.

Max Mosley has cancelled his planned trip to this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix in order to be with his family.


  • Whatever you think of Max Mosley, and people think plenty, nobody’s child should die before them.

    He has my sympathy at this time.

  • As Craig said, despite my personal feelings for how Max runs F1, he has my sympathy right now. I have lots people in my life and it has hurt immensely, but none of them were my own children. I can only imagine that that pain I have felt at losing loved ones must be ten times or a hundred times the pain to lose child.

    To the Mosley family, my deepest sympathies.


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