Martin Brundle Finally Confirmed For 2009

Martin Brundle Finally Confirmed For 2009

As the silly season among the Formula One drivers slowly wraps up for another year, the commentating team for the new BBC broadcasting squad has held almost similar speculation since the institution was awarded the contract earlier this year. All names under the sun have since been proposed for the job of commentator, but one always stood out among the rest – Martin Brundle. And this evening what we all wanted to hear was finally announced; Brundle will be on the BBC.

A name synonymous with motor racing in the last twenty or so years, Brundle has driven alongside Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello to name just two stars of the sport. His commentating career took off after being dumped by the Jordan team in favour of two young hotshots, Giancarlo Fisichella and Ralf Schumacher for the 12997 season. Since then, Martin’s insights into what it takes to drive a race, what the drivers go through as well as contacts with many teams has enabled the humble viewer to see more of what happens within Formula One, and I for one am very pleased Brundle will continue as a commentator.

Speaking at the Autocar Awards in London this evening, Brundle confirmed his contract with the BBC…

I’m delighted to be able to tell you all that I’ll be joining the BBC next year. I’ve been commentating on F1 for the past dozen years and I briefly considered calling it a day, but in the end I decided to take up the BBC’s offer and I am now very excited about working for them next year. Martin Brundle.

So that’s one question answered. Now what about the rest of the team…?


  • I was delighted to read this. Now that the first brick is in the wall I hope it won’t be too long before we know who else will be involved.

  • Great news, but for the love of GOD, please don’t let James Allen go with Martin.

    I would rather listen to German commentry (which I can’t understand) than listen to James.

  • The first thing I thought of when it was announced ITV was losing F1 was oh no, there goes Brundle, but now that he’s confirmed at BBC I can rest peacefully once again. πŸ™‚

  • yeah that James Allen dude…my goood…he like had an orgasm when old Jenson Britt Button won his one (and last) race of his life….



  • Joyous news if anything. Brundle’s insight is terrific to listen to during a race – and can turn even the most processional races into some sort of value. Also can’t imagine the Gridwalk being done by anyone else – easily one of the best bits of the Grand Prix weekend!

  • Not only am I happy because Martin is a fantastic commentator, but this is a bit of a metaphorical thumbing of their nose from the Beeb to S&Max & Mini Me who pulled out all the stops to try & prevent this from happening.

    As we say in Oz ‘Suffer in your jocks, S&Max!’

  • I like Martin and he surely deserves to be in the team, but if somebody else could do the gridwalk…

    I always find it very pathetic: An ex-F1 driver being forced to do that job… talk to celebs that we (I?) don’t care about and being ignored by some teams and drivers that have got more important things to do 10mn before the race than talking to a TV presenter. I find that humiliating, I wouldn’t like to do this job myself.

    Sorry that Louise won’t be there next year, I understand she’s got a job with Honda’s PR(I read that somewhere…)

  • James Allen n Martin Brundle brought F1 to life…Jonathan Legard makes it dull reckoning…his voice sounds like a broken record..

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