Jenson Button Shakes Down The BGP 001

Jenson Button Shakes Down The BGP 001

Autosport have exclusively revealed the new Brawn GP BGP 001. Jenson Button was at Silverstone today following the announcement at midnight that Honda had transferred the team to Ross Brawn, ensuring its survival. Powered by a Mercedes-Benz engine, Button completed a few tours of the Northamptonshire circuit to run systems checks and to make sure the car actually works as it should. It is the first running the team has done in 2009.

The photo, owned by LAT Photographic and exclusively shown on Autosport (in higher res) depicts the BGP 001 in a predominantly white livery, with black and yellow detailing. No sponsors can be seen on the car other than the mandatory Bridgestone logo on the tip of the nose. Like all other 2009 cars, the rear wing in high and narrow while the front wing is low and wide. Interestingly, Button was driving on 2008 style grooved tyres, but this may have been because of the last minute nature of the shakedown.

The test was completed behind closed doors and very few people allowed within the confines of the Silverstone track. However, the team are expected to be testing at Barcelona’s Circuit de Catalunya next week, and also in Jerez the following week.

Image © LAT Photographic/Autosport.


  • Thankfully, this is their interim-livery with the ‘real-deal’ supposedly being unveiled the Thursday before Melbourne at the end of the month. Metallic blue is going to be the main colour along along with some whites and reds – the Pepsi car?!


    Okay, I’ll say “tanties” at work but I ain’t saying “mahoosive”. 😀

    the Pepsi car?

    I heard similar about the blue and red livery, but there are plenty of companies out there whose corporate colours are these. It could be Pepsi, but they’ve never struck me as a motor sport sponsor type. I believe they are in America, but less so over here.

    If it looks anything like the 2008 iSport International GP2 car though, then it’ll be okay.

  • maybe the stories of red being involved it something to with Virgin afterall?

    Possibly. They’re going to need sponsors, even if Honda are fronting some of the money, which sounds very unlikely now as Brawn owns 100% of the team. If Honda were going to front some money, then I’d imagine they would want to keep a small percentage.

    I hope it’s a new company, because that would imply that Formula One is still attractive, even in a recession, and may bolster the efforts made by other teams like Williams and BMW who have been (and still are) looking for extra funds following their sponsor’s departures.

  • Pepsi were once involved in sponsorship in F1 – through their brand 7Up. As we will all recall (since the car was so beautiful in its green livery), 7Up was Jordan’s first major sponsor. So it is not impossible that Brawn has snared some money from Pepsi and it would be a major coup to have done so in the face of competition from NASCAR teams. Coca-Cola already puts a lot of money into NASCAR.

    BMW announced a new advertising deal with FxPro a few days ago. As usual, the money goes to the most successful teams – they get the most coverage. Brawn will have a hard time finding substantial sponsorship.

  • Pepsi were once involved in sponsorship in F1 – through their brand 7Up.

    Of course, how could I forget.

    BMW announced a new advertising deal with FxPro a few days ago.

    I remember thinking to myself, “Fx who now?” Indeed, the big bucks go to the big teams. And assuming Brawn isn’t quite as wealthy as Mallya (which of course, he isn’t), he’s going to need an army of paying companies on the car, or as suggested, a very big deal with a very big company.

  • Stunning car, I really adore that shape compared to all other 2009 cars. The shape is so soft from the sideview to look at and from the front the airbox is absolutely wonderful new. Also they are the only team with a flat nose (well, you can’t really say what that fat Renault thing really is) and a very high-detailed front-wing. Love that car, I hope to see a nice livery on it, then I will wish them all the best luck for the season :).

  • according to a few websites honda has agreed to some financial backing because they dont want the team to die out they also sold the team for a nominal cost. finally FOTA and FIA agreed to help them out especially ferrari and mclaren. sounds like they are getting free engines and logistics support

  • Pepsi dose some NASCAR sponsosrship- I believe they are title sponsors of a Sprint Cup race, and have also been backers of Jeff Gordon for some time. If they become invovled in F1, all the better…I would bet the USGPE boys would be quite upset if Brawn GP manages to poach their services 🙁

    Anohter rumour I heard was one of the airlines based in the Middle East as a title sponsor- Honda was reportedly talking to them before pulling out. Has anyone else heard a similar deal?

  • The airline “Emirates” was in discussion for a while, but both sides denied that deal imediately.

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