Jackie Stewart Slams Bernie Ecclestone

Jackie Stewart Slams Bernie Ecclestone

Sir Jackie Stewart, former world champion and team owner, has launched a scathing attack on Formula One’s commercial rights holder, Bernie Ecclestone. Speaking to The Times newspaper, Stewart said that time for change is now essential in the sport’s senior management. Stewart, who often goes on the offensive against FIA president Max Mosley, feels that it is taking too long for important changes to be implemented.

The era of big change is now essential because the sport has grown larger than either the governors or the commercial-rights holders. And that’s just a fact. It has taken too long to achieve the things it should have achieved years ago and that other sports have long ago matured to, and other sports have prepared themselves more fully for the opportunities that have come their way. Jackie Stewart.

Jackie Stewart clearly believes that all the changes the FIA are now rushing through in an act of almost desperation should have been in place years ago, making a smoother and better planned journey into the future. The Scottish champion also believes that Bernie Ecclestone controls too much power over the sport.

Bernie has such power and influence that he could suffocate almost any performer who would dare to suggest that there must be change.

He [Ecclestone] has been so used to total control that if you look at his structure you have to ask yourself ‘is there a successor?’ and you would say ‘no’. That is wrong. The commercial reality has to be recognised… and there has be continuity that the aging process makes necessary. Jackie Stewart.

Ecclestone is now 78 years of age, and Jackie Stewart is right to ask about the future of the sport and it’s commercial aspects. While Max Mosley has hinted that he will not run for president again when his current term expires in 2009, there is no obvious structure to Ecclestone’s side of the sport. What would happen if Ecclestone could no longer function in his current role? Presumably CVC would appoint someone, but is that the best thing for Formula One?

Last month Ferrari president Luca Di Montezemolo attacked Ecclestone saying that the way the revenues are distributed needs looking at again, which in turn caused Bernie to fire back and admit that Ferrari get more than the other teams when they win the titles. Now, following on from this, Stewart has decided to back Di Montezemolo and ask for change.

The financial distribution of Formula One appears to have been sorted out by two people who have directed it in whichever way they have seen fit. Although this has been a significant benefit in some ways, it has also hurt the sport because the balance of contribution within Formula One is absolutely untenable. Jackie Stewart.

Stewart went on to also mention the fact that the circuits see little to nothing of the revenues, and all they have to re-invest with are the sales of tickets. It is no wonder that many tracks are struggling in the current economic climate.

The interview conducted by The Times is likely something Stewart has wanted for a while. The Times don’t often back Formula One chiefs, certainly not after Mosley tried to take Martin Brundle to court of the use of the word “witch-hunt” in an article of his. But what Stewart speaks of is certainly true, if perhaps not the best way to put your views forward.

Ecclestone will undoubtedly have to respond to Stewart, and it will be interesting if anything else comes of the cupboard, as did last time when Bernie rebutted Di Montezemolo. However, with Stewart being only indirectly involved with Formula One now, it is hard to see how his voice can be silenced.


  • Bernie with too much power? The hell you say!

    Well, with a bit of luck Slavica Ecclestone’s divorce shysters will take care of that.

    Slavica couldn’t do worse as the head of FOM could she?

  • Well, with a bit of luck Slavica Ecclestone’s divorce shysters will take care of that.

    The last I heard was that they were trying to patch their marriage up. Or maybe that was just press speak.

    Slavica couldn’t do worse as the head of FOM could she?

    But I have to admit, I think you’re right with this point. 🙂

  • The last I heard was that they were trying to patch their marriage up. {Ollie – previous comment}

    I suspect the prospect of losing a couple of billion would have that effect. Or maybe I’m just being too cynical and Bernie/Slavica/both really does/do think this marriage can be saved. In which case good luck to them.

  • I also think Stewart will be difficult to silence. Last time Stewart said anything of consequence on F1, Max tried calling him a certified halfwit, a classic case of the accuser looking like the accusation.

  • Its a rare moment that Sir Jackie doesn’t speak the truth.

    How different the F1 world would be if he’d branched into its politics instead of running a team?

  • If only there was some way to get JYS into power. That would shake things up nicely. I can imagine Bernie’s face knowing that Stewart was examining the details of the deal that gave him 100 years of F1 commercial rights for 2 tins of beans and a box of Rice Krispies. I think there would be a case in front of the courts within 6 months against Max and Bernie for fraud and operating as a cartel. It would be interesting to see what a real court made of the alleged one of payment Bernie made to Max which happened by shear chance to be exactly the same amount as the FIA got for 100 years of F1 rights.

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