Is Formula One Killing The Planet, Or Does It Show Human Spirit At Its Finest?

Is Formula One Killing The Planet, Or Does It Show Human Spirit At Its Finest?

Keith at F1Fanatic has found an article written for the Observer Sport Monthly that criticises motorsport for failing the planet regarding climate change and global warming. Keith’s rebuttal on his site reflects my views precisely, and the short post is succint and well written. Head on over and take a read…

And in other blogs, Brad over at International Herald Tribune F1 has an excellent post about the other big news of today: The return of Alex Zanardi to a Formula One car. Brad’s post is uplifting and talks about his three strongest memories of Zanardi – Alex joking with Formula One’s strict protocol, his massive accident which (amazingly only) paused his career, and his return to the motor racing fraternity with a beaming smile. A well-written article that is worth reading, even you have no idea who Alex Zanardi is. Go read and enjoy…

And to answer my own question: It doesn’t help, but it is a tiny drop in the vast ocean. And yes, at times Formula One does show human spirit at its very finest.

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  • Thanks very much for that post. It really did hit me strongly when I saw Alex on the grid at Monza this year and thought about it all, and saw the way he was. I thought of approaching him to ask him a question for a story, but I decided just to leave him having his fun few moments on the grid before the start of the race.

    Great site you have, by the way.

  • In answer to the question is “motorsport failing the planet.” it must be.

    When you consider all the silicone that the Brolly Girls tote around (chest high) the only plausable anwser is yes. We all know plastics in any form are BAD!

    The tongue in-cheek reason above makes about as much sense as F1 doing ANYTHING to the planet.

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