Honda: “Just Deny Everything”

Honda: “Just Deny Everything”

Jenson Button - 2007 Bahrain Grand PrixHonda have spent much of their time in Bahrain in front of cameras and microphones denying all sorts of rumours that have been sparked during the week between Malaysia and Bahrain. Nick Fry has been pushed to the fore to explain some of the reasons behind the uncompetitive pace of the new Honda RA107, and to also explain why Ross Brawn has been linked to the squad while the Brit is on a years sabbatical from Ferrari.

When Fry was asked if an offer had been made to Brawn from Honda, he said “no”, and then went on to explain further.

I made one comment in Malaysia along the lines that I’m sure there are a number of people who might be interested in Ross. In my view he’s an incredibly talented person and he would be an asset to most Formula One teams. Maybe he will go back to Ferrari and maybe he will go fly-fishing, I don’t know. Nick Fry.

When pressed about the miserable speed the new Honda chassis is currently performing at, Nick told reporters that a new car is not going to happen, and instead the squad will be working hard on improving the RA107 throughout the season.

It’s principally an aerodynamic issue although there are some mechanical changes we also want to make to the car. We will make some changes at Barcelona, principally a large number of aerodynamic parts. There will be more for Canada and we are in the process of testing those in the wind tunnel and elsewhere. Nick Fry.

Jenson Button offered his view from within the cockpit of his Honda, reiterating that it is basically a pig to drive.

We can be reasonably quick in a straight line but the car is pretty difficult to drive and we can’t do a corner the same twice, pretty much, in a race. Under braking you have a stability problem at the rear, at the apex you have another problem and traction is not fantastic. Everything seems like it’s not working. The package at the moment is not that great and as soon as we find more grip and downforce for the same sort of efficiency, I think all the other problems will fade away. Jenson Button.

Here’s hoping Jenson, because for sure if the problems are not solved soon Honda will be undergoing another Management reshuffle in a bid to correct these issues.

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  • see, the wrong question was asked. it should have been phrased:

    “Nick, have you *spoken* to Ross Brawn recently?”

    it might have yielded a better response.

  • I was thinking the same thing when I read the comments. I think Honda would be foolish to not offer Brawn a job. In fact, I think most teams would be foolish not to. But whether or not a non-Ferrari offer is accepted is another matter altogether.

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