Here’s Your New Car, Mr Vettel, & Here’s Your Penalty

Here’s Your New Car, Mr Vettel, & Here’s Your Penalty

Sebastian Vettel and Sebastien Bourdais will enjoy the privilege of racing the brand new STR3 at this upcoming Monaco Grand Prix, the team having finally been able to build and test enough cars after the French half of the driving duo trashed the first one while testing. But unfortunately for Vettel, running the new car will also be rewarded with a five-grid slot penalty, thanks to the new four-race gearbox rules.

The new STR3 chassis uses a different gearbox, and there is no way for the drivers to use the old gearbox until it is allowed to be changed. Thankfully for Bourdais, he retired in Turkey and is therefore allowed to use a new ‘box without penalty. But Vettel completed his race and is not allowed to change his. But as there is no other way out of the situation, Scuderia Toro Rosso will have to change the gearbox and suffer the penalty.


  • By sticking to the rules, yes he has to take a penalty, but oh my Sebastian Vettel has had absolutely no luck this year at all. When will it all end?

  • Vettel seems to have taken on Webber’s bad luck – must have caught it from him last year in Japan!

  • “Thankfully for Bourdais, he retired in Turkey…”

    The fact that you even had to write that sentence shows what nonsense the engine/gearbox rules are at the moment.

  • It does show how in some circumstances, these rules are crazy. Makes me think that Bernie couldn’t do any worse if he and the Commercial Rights Holders did get control of the rule book.

  • This is stupid, stupid, stupid. Why is Vettel getting a penalty because he’s getting a new car? (Yes, I know the rules say so. But the rules are stupid!)

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