Fisichella Penalised For Blocking Coulthard

Fisichella Penalised For Blocking Coulthard

Following the Monaco Grand Prix qualifying, where many drivers voiced concern over blocking, traffic jams and generally finding slower cars in the way, it turns out that one of the fastest cars on the circuit has been penalised for doing just that. David Coulthard was the recipient of a Renault rear wing for longer than was necessary this time.

Giancarlo Fisichella in the Renault has been penalised by having his three fastest laps docked, demoting the Italian star from 5th to provisional 10th on the grid. The reason why the grid slot is provisional at the moment is because there has been no confirmation yet over Michael Schumacher’s position after he came to a halt on the final corner in the last seconds of the session, impeding both Fisichella’s and Alonso’s flying laps, among others.

Fisichella has experienced other drivers blocking him in the past, particularly at the Nurburgring when the fiery Italian let his anger get the better of him at Jacques Villeneuve in the BMW Sauber. Then, Jacques got let off lightly with only one place being taken away from him.

It appears the Monaco officials want to make an example of Giancarlo in this particular case. Although I was of the understanding the FIA now have a permanent Chief Steward position with the intention of making such punishments equal and fair!?

The stewards acknowledged that Fisichella didn’t block the Red Bull of David Coulthard intentionally, but as it stands, Alonso’s rear-gunner is now almost out of contention.

Thanks to Bocakey for pointing this out earlier in a comment.


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