Filling The Off Season With Games

Filling The Off Season With Games

Filling the time between Grands Prix is hard enough, but dealing with the five month off season I’m willing to bet a fair few of you are pulling your hair out! In this time of non-racing, us Formula One fans tend to ride what highs we get, and at the moment it is the new cars and testing, I guess. Not exactly thrill-a-minute stuff, I know, but it keeps us going. But there are other ways to amuse ourselves. The PS2 could get its annual February dusting and Formula 1 2006 (or whatever year we are up to) can be played for a painful five minutes before throwing the controller down in frustration – “That wouldn’t happen in real life, bah!”

You could do some reading – there are some excellent authors and books relating to the world of Formula One and its stars and cars. The Piranha Club: Power and Influence in Formula One is an excellent insight into life inside the Paddock, and I hear Christopher Hilton’s take on Michael Schumacher is a good read, titled Michael Schumacher: The Whole Story. And there is the staple The Official Formula 1 Season Review just for a recap on everything that happened last year.

But what better way to fill the void than play a few harmless games. Something to bring a smile to your wintery face (at least for us Northern Hemisphere dwellers, anyway). So here it is – The Inaugural BlogF1 Competition: Spot The Car.

Super Aguri Test At JerezD’Oh. As you can see, I didn’t really think this one through. Oh well. On a more positive note, regular reader and commenter Rob is running a well thought out competition at the moment, and there is even a prize available. Rob is an artist and is currently exhausting himself with a motorsports-related painting a day. Each one gets listed on his site – Car-A-Day – and they can also be purchased. For his competition, Rob has captured two moments of Marcus Grönholm and Mikko Hirvonen on their way to winning the rallies of Sweden and Norway respectively. Each image is almost identical, and all Rob is asking for is twelve differences. Think it’s gonna be easy with two paintings? Think again. I found two. I’m sure you could do better though, so head on over and take a look – the closing date for entries is this Saturday (sorry, I’m always late to parties), but check Rob’s post for confirmation.

Link to competition post at Car-A-Day.

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  • better late than never ;-D thanks for the mention!

    there is still plenty of time to enter…

    yes i’m using the off season of F1 with other


    racing all year round!

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