F1 Drivers Should Stick To Four Wheels

F1 Drivers Should Stick To Four Wheels

Mark Webber experienced a near miss yesterday morning while out riding his bike in the Monaco area with two other friends. The Red Bull driver had been enjoying a ride in Menton, France with Tour de France racer Lance Armstrong (who is also Webber’s hero) and AMD’s marketing chief Morris Denton. Webber and Armstrong managed to avoid a collision with a car, but Denton struck the vehicle head-on and received substantial injuries to his arm and leg.

Denton suffered injuries to his arm, which caused Webber concern as he attempted to stem the bleeding at the scene on the incident. An ambulance was called and Mark also informed members of his team in case they were able to help out. Denton was rushed to hospital and needed 90 stitches in one arm and one leg. Mark is said to have spoken about the accident to British broadcaster ITV, so UK viewers should expect something in Saturday’s qualifying build-up.

This accident reminded me of Nick Heidfeld’s incident in 2005. While recovering from a testing accident, Heidfeld went out for a bike ride and was struck by a motorcycle, further delaying his recovery and return to Formula One racing. Jenson Button has also suffered injury on a bike as well, although his injury was more related to pride than anything else, the Honda driver not doing very well in last year’s Goodwood Hillclimb ride. Perhaps drivers should just stay on four wheels, rather than attempt two.


  • Agree with you Oliver… but sticking on 4 wheels you could well be airborne in the end!

    Ask Kubica for example…

  • there’s not much better for their fitness than riding a road bike however, so it’s kind of essential IMO!

  • Oh, four-wheels (of the F1 variety) are almost certainly more dangerous, but it seems that when the drivers try two, they just get knocked off. Who says you never forget how to ride a bike! 😉

  • Mark Webber does a challenge in Aust every year called the Mark Webber Challenge where he rides a bike for 4 days through some Tasmanian wilderness for charity.

    It’s pretty full on thorugh rugged territory, and I don’t think he has come a cropper there yet.

    But trust some crazy French driver to upset the apple cart ! (I once hired a car in France and I swear it took ten years off my life)

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