Donington Park Dispute Resolved?

Donington Park Dispute Resolved?

Ever since the Donington Park venue was granted the rights to host the British Grand Prix from 2010 onwards, the site has come under much criticism and faced some uphill battles. One of the more serious issues was a legal dispute between the company that runs events at Donington (DVLL), and the circuit owners, the Wheatcroft family. Unpaid rent lead the Wheatcroft’s to start legal proceedings to void DVLL‘s contract. However, it has since been announced that these issues have been resolved. For now, at least.

It was reported back in April that Donington Ventures Leisure Limited owed Tom Wheatcroft £2.47m in rent, and after repeated requests for payment, none was forthcoming. The threat of having DVLL‘s contract revoked was serious as it would have almost certainly ended the British Grand Prix, with Bernie Ecclestone clearly stating that he has absolutely no desire to return to Silverstone.

However, circuit owner Tom Wheatcroft was pleased that progress had been made between the two companies and added support to DVLL‘s wish to host the British round of the 2010 championship.

We are pleased that significant progress has been made in recent weeks and I am delighted that we have now reached an amicable agreement.

We have always shared and supported the vision of ensuring that Formula 1 returns to Donington Park and are hopeful that, with the settlement achieved, that vision will be turned into reality. Tom Wheatcroft.

Donington Ventures Leisure Limited now face another uphill task of ensuring the renovation works at Donington are completed on time, which includes new buildings and a change in layout to the Leicestershire track. If works are not completed by next year, Ecclestone has stated that the race could be postponed until 2011, but the Briton has asserted that Silverstone’s last event will be the 2009 race.

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