Caption Contest: #59

Caption Contest: #59

The fifty-ninth photograph to feature in BlogF1’s caption contest. You know the drill, think of something funny and witty to say and leave it as a comment below. I know a lot of caption contests feature one of the four Red Bull drivers, but they’re just funny. It seems Red Bull do lots of cool/bizarre things for their PR, and believe me when I say I have about 20 backed up images of Mark Webber looking and doing something silly. But in the interest of balance, I’ll only post the Red Bull crew every now and then. Here are the 2009 drivers in Singapore.

Mark Webber & Sebastian Vettel - 2008 Singapore Grand Prix


  • As the Blackhawks circled above…..”Dont no about you Mark,but ive got a bad feeling about this photoshoot”

  • Sebastian: ” So, say if that was the size of your steering wheel would it help you to catch up on me?”

  • Vettel: “So let me get this straight. You invite me over to check out the view, which is great. But when i get here the lift’s broken and i have to climb up 40 floors, and now you tell me you have no drinks, not even water?”

    Weber: “Sorry mate, the beer’s in the lift which is stuck due to, um, a freak accident with static electricity?”

  • With the lift broken, the boys hatched a cunning plan…..” and dont forget to put extra truffles on the lobsters, it says on your flyer we dont pay if its not delivered in 30 minutes”.

  • Vettel- Well thats the last time I listen to you.

    Webber- How was I to know they had a Deliverly Helicopter.

  • Bernie invites the boys to his secret DR Evil layer. While they wait they joke about which chair can drop through the floor into a tank with sharks with laser beams on their heads. The true answer is both.

  • Webber and Vettel arrived on the launchpad in time for the promotional Red Bull spacecraft launch. Then went to extreme lengths to amuse themselves while the engineers argued with the spacecraft company over whether the craft could be broken by stray sneezing.

  • Webber- ” So let me get this straight, we sit here all night flashing torches at the sky and then they Enlighten us, You really have to stop hanging out with Tom Cruise”.

  • Webber: Just a friendly game of poker you said! How do I explain that I have just lost the top six floors of the hotel to Bernie?

  • Webber: Ok so you go tell Domenicali you want to sign for them when your contract is up and I will go and punch Flavio then we will get decent engines next season.

  • Webber- You heard the new rule ?

    Vettel- No, what is it ?

    Webber- All red cars are apparently given blue flag status when approaching turn 1 even if racing for position.

    Vettel- Oh No, this is getting embaressing

  • Reality TV gets out of hand: The pilot episode of Celebrity Dream Homes In 60 Minutes went slightly wrong when the builders were delayed by seven hours due to the roads being shut for Celebrity Dream Cars In 3 Days.

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