Caption Contest: #43

Caption Contest: #43

The forty-third photograph to feature in BlogF1’s caption contest. You know the drill, think of something funny and witty to say and leave it as a comment below. I couldn’t resist temptation this week and posted an image of an FIA boardroom. The image isn’t from yesterday’s meeting (it’s from September 2007), but hopefully it is just as relevant for funny captions, just don’t go getting me into trouble!

McLaren Legal Team Having A Private Chat - September 2007

For new readers to BlogF1, I thought I’d take a short moment to explain why Wednesday is BlogF1 Caption Contest day in the world of Formula One. It all started, coincidentally, with the reason why the above photo was taken. Last August and September was a stressful time for the sport, both inside and outside. In a bid to release some of the tension that was occurring on the site and in my mind, I decided to start a caption contest in the hope that you guys would share the smiles around and make us all laugh.

To my surprise, the caption contests proved quite popular and since then a photo has been posted on Wednesday (the day may change over the Christmas period) for your amusement. I try to pick unusual images from the world of Formula One, and often some do much better than others. A couple of weeks ago I posted an image of a stranded F1 car on the track with extinguisher powder all over it – no driver, just the car; 21 comments later and I’m still scratching my head, but laughing my backside off at the same time!

As we are making fun of a potentially funny situation depicted in the photo, just about anything goes with the comments. I request that commenters still follow the basic guidelines for the site, but as we are mocking an image and what could be happening in the image rather than one another, I tend to be more relaxed about what is posted. Having said that, this particular caption post will be moderated for obvious reasons – I really don’t want to end up in court. πŸ™‚

Oh, and despite the title, it isn’t really a contest – there is nothing to win – although I hear bragging rights can be worth a fair amount on the open market. πŸ˜›

So before I let you loose on the above image, I just want to say a big thank you to everyone for making me howl out loud when I quickly check comments on Wednesday mornings while I sip my coffee and consider starting work. The sport wouldn’t be the same without you.

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  • March 30th and the FIA headquarters resembles the school playing field; everybody gathering around and looking at the naughty pictures in the tabloids.

  • Max was impressed by the response when he offered to dish out phone numbers of some of his “special” contacts to those who voted in his favour…

  • FIA members crowded around Max Mosley right before the vote as he handed-out $100,000 to each from last year’s McLaren fine. Mosley said it was the ‘right thing to do’ and that Ron Dennis ‘should be ashamed of himself’. FIA members said they could not agree more.

  • Lawer 1: Can we sue Nigel Stephany for sending us the docs?

    Lawer 2: No, we’ll sue Mike Coughlan for getting them,

    Lawer 3: Youi can’t be serious, we’ve got to sue Jean Todt for allowing the slip off’

    Lawer 4: Let’s sue Ferrari gatekeeper for letting the docs slip by



    Lawer 214: We’ve got to sue Bernie for allowing information to be stored in team hq

    Lawer 215 : No, sue Italian prime minister

    Lawer 216: Sue English PM


    and the argument continues

  • OK, Ollie, here’s a nice safe one:

    “It’s called a Gameboy, I think, and when you hit this button here, the little guy jumps…”

  • Let’s see the instructions on those pills.
    See, right here it says, “if it lasts for more than four hours you should contact a doctor immediately…”
    it doesn’t say anything about contacting five hookers…
    I wonder if that would be deductible on my health insurance?

  • Guy on right of picture: “So that’s ten Ceylon teas, five espressos, three hot chocolates, two lattes and a lime-and-cranberry cocktail with one of those blue umbrellas poking out the top.”

    Mosley: “And a mineral water for Jean Todt.”

    Guy on Mosley’s left: “But Todt isn’t in this meeting!”

    Guy on Mosley’s right: “The rebel touring groups are meeting in the bar downstairs.”

    Mosley: “By the time they’ve made their minds up and the staff can serve us, we’ll already have voted Todt in as President.”

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