Button To Miss Final Test

Button To Miss Final Test

Jenson Button In Canada - 2006Jenson Button is to miss the final test of the year at Jerez later this week, it has been reported. Jenson has missed the two previous sessions because he sustained a rib injury while karting during the off-season. In order for his injury to fully heal, it has been advised that Jenson sit out of the tests, instead handing reigns over to team mate and Grand Prix winner Rubens Barrichello and newbie test driver James Rossiter.

Both Honda drivers have been doing well, and it appears (from the outside at least) that the Japanese teams’ winter programme is going okay. Obviously the teams are running slightly modified 2006 cars while they wait for their 2007 spec cars to be finalised and produced, but in the last day at the most recent test session, Barrichello and Rossiter posted first and second fastest laps. But this isn’t what I’m really blogging about today.

I’m blogging about the apparent super attitude of the Briton and how he seems to be looking more and more like a champion in the making. I recently had a small dig at Jenson, putting him in a similar camp as Renault’s Giancarlo Fisichella and saying that he isn’t a complete driver. Fast, oh yes, but not outright champion material. But when I saw pictures of Jenson in Jerez recently, and when I read of the Honda driver going to the next test to ensure he is kept up to speed and to sit in on meetings, I was actually quite impressed. Most drivers would have seen the opportunity to skive off on a secluded beach somewhere. But Jenson’s dedication has taken me aback, especially when it wasn’t too long ago that he didn’t want to be a part of Honda and tried to move back to Williams.

All I can picture at the moment is a fantastic image I saw in a recent edition of F1 Racing. The image was of a Ferrari pit garage, and there were members of the team all sitting on chairs listening to (I’m guessing) a superior. And at the back, separated from the engineers, but there none-the-less, was Michael Schumacher – slouched in a chair and quietly listening. Whether he was there because he felt he needed to hear something, or because he wanted his presence known I cannot be sure. But he was there, absorbing all that he could. The image was quite powerful, and while I disagree with some of the things Schumacher has done, you cannot take the majority of his success away from him. Unfortunately, Jenson’s age is prohibiting him slightly of conquering Schumacher’s successes, but I’m starting to think his maiden win may have changed him for the better. Am I really talking about Britain’s next Formula One world champion?

I don’t think Jenson’s rib-injury will harm his 2007 campaign, and as long as he is able to keep in the loop, he should be able to bring himself back up to speed come the new year. Here’s (for first time) wishing Button luck for next year…

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  • It’s good to see Button’s commitment, but he may have been contractually obliged to be at the test. Nevertheless, I’m sure he’ll want to foster team spirit with his mechanics and engineers, so good on him.

    It’s a shame he’s out of the Race of Champions, a bit of fun in a couple of days time in Paris, but rather that than miss more tests and/or the first race.

    Here’s hoping Button will be in the melee for the lead of the championship that is sure to happen with so much change going on this off-season.

  • That first win of his seems to have really changed Jenson. Now he knows he can win in F1, and he’s gotten even more focused than ever. It’s built up his confidence. It’s also given Honda a boost, and they’ll be more motivated to deliver the goods as well.

    I may be a bit biased, being a HUGE Jenson fan, but I would think Jenson’s commitment is genuine. He loves driving too much, and I’m sure it pains him more than those ribs to not be out there driving. And lest we forget, Jenson put in the most winter testing mileage of any race driver last year.

    Anyhow, great post. And I do hope to see Jenson healthy and mixing it with the best of them for what should be an exciting and wide open 2007! 🙂

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