Bahrain Grand Prix TV Schedule

Bahrain Grand Prix TV Schedule

ITVF1 have reminded us when the first Grand Prix of 2006 will be shown for UK watchers.

Qualifying Live – 10.30am to 12.15pm on Saturday 11th March

Race Live – 10.30am – 1.30pm on Sunday 12th March

Highlights – 12.10am – 1.10am on Monday 13th March

Highlights (again) – 2.45am – 3.45am on Tuesday 14th March

Much better then the 5am wake-up call when the sason opened in Australia!


  • I’m obviously not a proper F1 fan ‘cos I don’t get up in the middle of the night to watch a race, no, I’ll record it and then watch it when I get up (with the advantage that I can fast-forward all those annoying adverts)

  • I have a habit of staying up late specially to watch the races, and then falling asleep two seconds before they begin. A couple of times last year I woke up to find them waving the chequered flag and wondering what the hell had happened. I’m glad that this year they’re starting in a sensible timezone!

  • Chris: Heh, I’ve done that before 😉

    Tom: Nope, you’re obviously not a fan, you’re banned 😉 Joke! The older I get the harder it is to watch the Aussie GP live – work commitments and all…

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