Bahrain 2006: Qualifying

Bahrain 2006: Qualifying

So? How’d it go?

Feel free to post your thoughts on the first qualifying session from the F1 2006 season. Did it go okay? Was it too confusing? Does every driver deserve to be in the place they are in? Speak your mind…

A really short post I know, but I am away at the moment and couldn’t really post anything else. My absence shouldn’t stop conversation though…

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  • Oliver, it was amazing. Specially the last 20 minutes period when top 10 cars were running. I was not able to resist myself from posting as soon as the qualifiers were over. You can checkout my post.

    Try not to miss Raceday tomorrow, as it is going to be very interesting.

  • Just got back in. Phew, what a long day! So Schumi took the pole and Massa was only a cigarette paper behind, but peeps seem to think that the Ferrari’s and Button are skinny on fuel. Very interesting.

    I will indeed be catching the race tomorrow. For now though, zzzzzzzzzz…

  • The first two sessions were crazy but very exciting. I thought the second session was a bit of an anti-climax, I don’t really understand the point of just circling the track to get rid of fuel.

    Although I now understand the rules (having three people explain it to me helped!), I still couldn’t really keep up with who was on track, who was doing what, had they set a time yet, were they coming back out again, etc, etc. Renault must have been super-confident, leaving everything to the last minute every time.

    I liked it, and I think by the end of the season I’ll have got it down, just in time for them to change it again.

  • I think the on-screen graphics could be improved during qualifying, there should be room for example to have a list of drivers (just the usual 3 letter abbreviations) down the side of the screen, highlight the bottom 6 spaces in red, and then have the initals moving up and down to indicate positions as they set times (or don’t!)

  • Having seen my first 2006 Qualifying show earlier today, I must say I too think the graphics should be improved. With the new complicated system, it is quite hard to follow the results. Having the scroll thing go across the bottom right isn’t really enough for me. I like Tom’s idea of having the initials on the side, and moving them as and when.

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