Australia 2009: Qualifying Result

Australia 2009: Qualifying Result

Qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix is underway at the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne. Leading the way into this session is perhaps surprisingly Nico Rosberg of Williams. Rosberg stunned in both free practice sessions by going fastest, and Brawn looked good towards the top of the tables. Ferrari appeared to be slightly off pace yesterday, but you cannot discount the Scuderia. The times in this post will be updated as qualifying happens.

The qualifying report can be viewed here: Australia 2009: Jenson Button Takes Pole Position At Albert Park

Australia 2009
Qualifying Results

20 minutes

15 minutes

10 minutes

1. Jenson Button Brawn 1m25.211s 1m24.855s 1m26.202s
2. Rubens Barrichello Brawn 1m25.006s 1m24.783s 1m26.505s
3. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Racing 1m25.938s 1m25.121s 1m26.830s
4. Robert Kubica BMW 1m25.922s 1m25.152s 1m26.914s
5. Nico Rosberg Williams 1m25.846s 1m25.123s 1m26.973s
6. Timo Glock Toyota 1m25.499s 1m25.281s 1m26.975s
7. Felipe Massa Ferrari 1m25.844s 1m25.319s 1m27.033s
8. Jarno Trulli Toyota 1m26.194s 1m25.265s 1m27.127s
9. Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1m25.899s 1m25.380s 1m27.163s
10. Mark Webber Red Bull Racing 1m25.427s 1m25.241s 1m27.246s
11. Nick Heidfeld BMW 1m25.827s 1m25.504s
12. Fernando Alonso Renault 1m26.026s 1m25.605s
13. Kazuki Nakajima Williams 1m26.074s 1m25.607s
14. Heikki Kovalainen McLaren 1m26.184s 1m25.726s
15. Lewis Hamilton McLaren 1m26.454s No Time
16. Sebastien Buemi Scuderia Toro Rosso 1m26.503s
17. Nelson Piquet Jr. Renault 1m26.598s
18. Giancarlo Fisichella Force India 1m26.677s
19. Adrian Sutil Force India 1m26.742s
20. Sebastien Bourdais Scuderia Toro Rosso 1m26.964s


  • :O


    Button illuded (Eddie Jordan’s word-of-the-day) to Brawn carrying more than a dash of fuel in the post-qualifying press-conference thingymabob? I guess we’ll know for certain in a few hours.

    I’m not too keen on Legard, he mispronunciates words and broadcasts unreliable observations too often. I might opt for 5 Live commentary come race day – Davidson and Croft’s banter during the practice sessions was hugely entertaining.

    Patrick Head remained realistic prior to qualifying. Gladly so, because Williams’ performance was a tad underwhelming. Quite understandable considering their Fri/Sat Practice form, but i expected more from Nakajima. Again: Fuel.

    I bet you a digital £5 note that Coulthard and Jordan have an on-air argument before the season’s end – and another £5 on top of that for the next time Richard Branson excitedly shouts obscenities into a BBC microphone.

    And everybody SHUT UP about the diffuser argument.

    I may not comment often Ollie, but i’m here eeeeveryday.

  • Good morning Jamie. Yeah, the banter between Jordan and Coulthard was interesting, although I found it a little distracting as it took away from what I wanted to hear about – motor racing. Although I thought EJ’s words of the the day were “Bernie Ecclestone”. 🙂

    I didn’t mind Legard. Sure, he made a few gaffs, but he did a reasonable job considering it was his first time with Martin Brundle and the new BBC F1 team.

    I bet you a digital £5 note that Coulthard and Jordan have an on-air argument before the season’s end

    I won’t bet against you on the potential sparks between Coulthard and Jordan (they came close to a spat just 60 minutes ago), but I will with Branson. He knows that his thing is to be the rebel, but he also knows the BBC won’t take too kindly to people calling themselves lucky bar-stewards on live TV, or whatever it was he said. 🙂

    I may not comment often Ollie, but i’m here eeeeveryday.

    Good to hear. 🙂

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