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As well as reading BlogF1 live in your browser, the website loaded with all the bells-and-whistles, you can also subscribe to the article RSS feed and receive updates in your chosen reader.

How Do I Subscribe?

Firstly, you need to choose a reader. Some are downloaded to your desktop and update when you connect to the Internet, others are hosted online and are therefore accessible on just about any device that is connected to the ‘net. Every feed reader is slightly different in how they work and feel, so it is best to try a few and see which one you prefer.

Once you have a feed reader, you will need BlogF1’s RSS feed address. In most modern browsers, this can be accessed from any page on BlogF1 via the orange icon in the address bar. If you click it you will be taken to a separate page with a list of BlogF1’s post titles. The feed address should now be showing in the address bar of your browser. Simply copy the whole address into your chosen feed reader, hit the subscribe button and put your feet up. It really is as simple as that.

Wanna Go Further?

If you only read one section of BlogF1, that’s cool. There’s a way for you to filter out all the post topics you don’t like. Let’s say you only want to know when a new Caption Contest is posted, navigate your browser to the appropriate category page. You can do this either by clicking on the link in the sidebar on the Archives page, or the category link under the post title.

Once there, you should see a category RSS link in the sidebar. Again, copy that into your reader and away you go. Tag feeds work much the same way; navigate to the tag page and find the orange icon and link in the sidebar. If you’re ever in doubt, try adding the word feed to the end of the current address in your browsers’ address bar. Nine times out of ten this works just as well.

How Does RSS Work?

Ummm… Wikipedia explains much better than me, so I suggest reading their explanation.

Anything Else I Should Know?

Some images displayed with each BlogF1 article are not included in the RSS feed, thus you will not be able to see them in your reader. However, for posts like the Caption Contests, the images are inserted into the post in a different way, so these should show up in the feed. Let me know if they are not as I may need to adjust some settings with the site.

And that’s really about it. If you run into problems you can always shoot me over an email via the Contact Form and I’ll try to offer a helping hand as best I can.

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