Williams: Two Causes For Celebration?

Williams: Two Causes For Celebration?

2008 will mark the thirtieth year of competition for the Williams team, a landmark worth celebrating considering how successful the private team have been over the years. And celebrate Williams will, with the announcement today that the team will be running six different liveries over the course of the winter test sessions. Formula One teams occasionally use different colours during the winter as often sponsors change between seasons and an interim livery is used while these are negotiated. McLaren have used orange and Honda often painted in plain black or white. It is more of a gimmick now, but it is good to see Williams doing something a little different.

Aside from the hope of returning to winning ways and adding to their 9 constructors trophies and 7 drivers championships, Williams will be celebrating some milestones this upcoming season:

  • 2008 marks 30 years of competition for Williams.
  • The Turkish Grand Prix will be the team’s 500th race.
  • This year will mark the team’s 50,000 lap, reliability depending.
  • The Monaco Grand Prix will be Frank Williams’ 600th race as an entrant.
  • Frank Williams will also surpass Enzo Ferrari’s record as the longest enduring entrant at 38 years.

The first of these special liveries will be rolled in Jerez today, with the other five making appearances as the two month testing schedule progresses.

Have Williams Received Investment?

Williams could also be celebrating the possible investment from either the Baugur Group or from its Executive Chairman, Jón Ásgeir Jóhannesson. Frank had been hinting last year that his privately funded team would see a substantial budget increase in the years to come, which led people to believe he would be selling out to Toyota, his current engine suppliers.

But with Brad from the IHT F1 Blog spilling some beans late on Friday, and now Pitpass this Monday morning, it is looking as though Williams have decided to go with an Icelandic investment company. The connection between Williams and the Bauger Group could be their toy store, Hamley’s, which have sponsored Williams for some years now.

It is reported that co-owners Frank Williams and Patrick Head have each relinquished 15% of their holding over the company. This news hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it could be greatly beneficial to Williams. And the although it is sad to say, this could be the beginning of the exit strategy for Frank and Patrick. They are no longer spring chickens, but the legacy of Williams and its successes should be preserved and continued.

If more details become available I’ll update.


  • Wow, I knew Williams had been around for a long time but it’s not until you see the figures written down like that that you can appreciate just what a phenomenal achievement it is.

    Congratulations Sir Frank (and Patrick!) on an amazing career, and hopefully more success isn’t too far away.

  • the all blue livery Williams used last winter and seem to be using this time too is nice, better that the white blue mix they race in my opinion. I wish they keep it for the season but I don’t think they will. They probably need some white to house the sponsor logos better

  • […] the track aren’t exactly the greatest, the achievements behind the scenes most certainly are. 2008 is a very special year for Frank Williams, Patrick Head and the Oxfordshire team, and the Italian Grand Prix tomorrow will apparently be the […]

  • These are oustanding achievements by Williams. The team and its history are a great credit to its founder and its technical leader.

    Are you sure this is current Ollie? Williams ran 6 liveries last winter and the Icelandic sponsor story was around then. This looks identical to the material that was around then and since the original story Williams have run another couple brands belonging to Baugur on their cars.

    The line “The first of these special liveries will be rolled in Jerez today, with the other five making appearances as the two month testing schedule progresses.” suggests this is last winter’s announcement.

  • Are you sure this is current Ollie?

    From the top of the article, just under the title…

    Posted on January 14th, 2008 by Oliver White in Testing

    @Steven: I linked to this article from today’s 500 Races Young story because the first part is relevant. I do that from time to time, sorry for any confusion.

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