Why Hamilton Should Do The Triathlon With Button

Why Hamilton Should Do The Triathlon With Button

An interesting story from the British Grand Prix (and bearing in mind it is only Thursday) is a challenge from Jenson Button to fellow British driver Lewis Hamilton. Apparently Hamilton recently found out about Button’s triathlon endeavors and was impressed with his rival’s placing – Jenson finished 117th out of 1700 participants in last month’s Windsor event. An exchange of words in today’s press conference ahead of the race on Sunday led to a challenge being put forward by Jenson, and initially it was agreed by Lewis.

Hamilton believes he is fitter than his fellow-countryman and Jenson invited Lewis to take part in a triathlon later this month. As an incentive, Button offered £10,000 to a charity of Lewis’s choice should he finish behind the McLaren driver. Hamilton agreed.

The biggest incentive is, if I do beat you, then you’ve got some money for a charity which is great. However, you do have an advantage as you’ve already done one, and I already know that by doing one you’re better the next time. But man, I’m up for it, I’m up for it… It’s a date. Lewis Hamilton.

However, a short time later Lewis’s manager and father stated that he would not allow the contest and withdrew Hamilton from the challenge.

Lewis accepted the challenge like the good sport he is, and in the spirit with which he accepts things. Unfortunately for Lewis, we are withdrawing him from this. We are in the middle of a championship and that is the focus of our attention. Anthony Hamilton.

In my honest opinion, Anthony Hamilton has made a pretty poor decision. I certainly understand the need to protect his son, primarily as his son and secondly as a professional sportsman in the middle of his season. If Lewis suffered an injury, the championship could very easily be over. However, two points come immediately to the fore.

Firstly, Button has introduced a substantial charitable donation into the deal and without wanting to shallow the challenge, the PR bonus points could prove invaluable to both drivers. Secondly, the deal was made in public and in boyish good humour. The challenge also relates to the sport (as we’re discussing the fitness of each driver) and it would be great fun to see the pair pitched against each other away from the race track. As David Coulthard remarked in the same conference (and was pipped to be the bottle-holder):

He’s throwing down a man challenge, you can’t turn down a man challenge. David Coulthard.

Considering Hamilton’s recent PR hasn’t exactly been the best, this could have been a shining redemption after being suspended above a stage for Vodafone. It is a shame that Anthony Hamilton cannot see good PR when it presents itself in front of his very eyes, and I fear that for as long as Anthony manages his son’s affairs, Lewis will become a stale and muted puppet being pulled around the sport and sponsors without care or thought.

Go on Anthony, let him go for a swim, ride and run with Button. What’s the worst that could happen?

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  • Probably the worst that could happen would be he’d be eaten by a shark or perhaps fall off his bike & hurt himself…remember JPM? But the real point here is by backing out, even though it was done by his father/manager, Lewis looks foolish and not much of a competitor. Too bad. He could have really scored some PR points with this one.

  • you’d have thought, given the recent tie-in with reebok…

    ahh, what’s the point? anthony’s out of depth and he’ll bring his son down with him eventually.

  • or perhaps fall off his bike & hurt himself…remember JPM?

    Now now, that was a tennis injury! 😀

    He could have really scored some PR points with this one.

    Most certainly, especially with Reebok, as Sidey pointed out.

    anthony’s out of depth and he’ll bring his son down with him

    I’m starting to think you might be right on this one. Lewis’s PR is just one bad move after another, and while it isn’t always down to Anthony, I feel he needs to let his son go a little and let him control his own affairs more.

  • Hmm… was wondering what Hamilton would blame if he loses, probably

    he didn’t had a bad time driving his Mercedes to the event?

    Mclaran drivers’ body not aerodynamic enough to win the event??

    Would be hilarious!!

  • I agree Sidey – maybe they should arrange something for after the season if Lewis & his Pops are so worried about his Championship.

    Or indeed, they could wait a few GPs until his championship challenge is over for this year anyway….;)

  • “was wondering what Hamilton would blame if he loses”

    given his luck this week, he’d win it by a mile and then get DQ’d around tea-time 🙂

  • For God’s sake, they could arrange the duel to the off-season if the problem was “championship focus”. The way Anthony managed the situation, it sounded like one of those teenager things, like “I really wish I could go to the party, but my daddy didn’t let me ’cause I hadn’t eaten all my dinner”… Come on, grow up!

    This one was worse than flying around in McLaren overalls during a “Battle Of Troy” play.

  • I agree. I mean how old is Lewis – 23 or 13?

    Time to tell daddy dearest to butt out.

    This was a great idea, and would be fun to watch. And if you prepare correctly – especially for people as fit as these guys – surely the chances of injury are minimal?

  • Bloody hell, all Anthony had to say was that it would have to wait till the end of the season. Or, alternatively, Lewis should have to told him to get knotted.

    If Lewis is old enough to race cars, f*** women and move to Switzerland, he’s old enough to decide if he can go into a triathlon.

    Geeze…and I thought Jenson Button’s dad was a pain.

  • Hamilton should have accepted the challenge and told his dad to move out of the way.

    That too it was for charity. So it would have been nice.

    Super challenge by Button.

    Afraid Hamilton I think.

  • Oliver

    These guys here are really funny.

    I´m convinced that if Lewis has accepted and Anthony has said nothing about it: the same guys would say:

    “Man, look what this guy is doing. He is on the middle of the season, fighting for the championship and will play this stupid triathlon against Jenson and will hurt himself. What a childish man! He needs a pro manager to focusing him.”

    This is starting to be annoying…

  • Are drivers so fragile? does Lewis live in a cotton-wool lined box?

    in that case maybe he shouldn’t travel in a car driven by his father 😉

  • Becken…..

    No one would have said any crap that u suggested.

    lewis is just afraid

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