Was Trulli Driving Dangerously When Heikki Made His Move?

Was Trulli Driving Dangerously When Heikki Made His Move?

In the final stages of the French Grand Prix, Heikki Kovlainen was chasing down Jarno Trulli and was all over the gear box of the Toyota. Going through the fast sequence of corners in the middle of the lap, Kovalainen made his move and drew alongside the Italian. However, Trulli squeezed Heikki right over to the left and it looked as though they may have touched wheels. Trulli said they didn’t but it came very, very close. Kovalainen was forced to get out of the throttle to prevent himself from flying off the road.

In the F1Fanatic Live Blog, Keith said that he felt Trulli was driving dangerously and should ‘have the book thrown at him’. Indeed, Heikki had pulled up alongside, but was it far enough ahead for Trulli to back off and concede the position? Have your say in the comments below Unfortunately, I can only have one poll going at a time, and currently it is taken up with the Hamilton-penalty post. But the comments are where you can have your say, so get typing…


  • Trulli was ahead (HK never got fully level), and was on the inside. His corner and he was right to defend it. From the onboard it looked like Trulli didn’t know the McLaren was there, and once he realised it he stopped moving left.

  • No, he wasn’t on that occasion. However, some time that before he was all over the place trying to defend his place. That, I’m pretty sure, was against the general anti-zig-zag rule. But only a McLaren was impeeded, so not really a problem.

  • Oh come on! Trulli? Driving dangerously? Are everyone serious?

    Most likely he was sleeping at the wheel and didn’t saw Heikki, despite whatever he says.

  • Patrik you again ? 😉

    McLaren has hundredth of thousands of fans in France (so does Lewis!) I promiss you there is absolutely no reason for the stewards to punish McLaren and not the others. And yes, sidepodcast, FA did a great move on Nick last year (and the one on Massa under the rain was also fantastic and they DID touched wheels !)and I can also remember a couple of very strong changes of directions at the start from Lewis… and so many others from so many drivers… Amazingly when it is the driver we like we find that to be a great move! 😉

  • To me, it looked as though very solid contact was made. Heikki’s car took a definite sidestep to the left and that was the reason the Finn had to throw out the anchor – the alternative was to crash. The cars were level and Trulli squeezed Kovalainen to the point where he was off the track – even without contact, that is dangerous driving as far as I’m concerned. Had they not been level (and only the tyres touched as a result), that could have been a very nasty accident indeed. I must presume that the reason McLaren did not protest was because they were already in paranoid mode after the previous penalties and felt they would not get a fair hearing.

  • No way, indeed I thought Truli’s defense was good and his mind was still on the race (anyone forgot Barichello stealing his position at the last turn?)..

  • In all fairness Trulli made his car as wide as possible, but unlike the contact Alonso took from Lewis (or Heikki took from Lewis for that matter), there was no contact and he was always ahead, so cheers to Jarno, a well fought podium!

  • I read this post and the comments with disbelief!

    Is it really getting to the stage where a little wheel to wheel contact and agressive driving styles are considered “Dangerous” these days.

    These guys are professional and experienced racing drivers who know how to handle the sitiution.

    Heikki knew it was a risky move going around the outsite and Jarno rightfully defended his position.

    Ste x

  • Right on, Stephen! In racing, you pays your money and you takes your chances. As Hemingway said: “There are only three true sports, Mountain Climbing, Bull Fighting and Motor Racing…all the rest are just games.”

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