Vacation & Improvements

Vacation & Improvements

I have just left on vacation, so I’m afraid there will be no posts for the next 14 days (with the exception of one pre-published article). But, when I return, I should be all refreshed and energised and all…

…Well, at minimum I’ll be tanned!

So on that note of motivational pre-emptness, if there is anything you feel that I could do to improve BlogF1, I want you to use the contact form and let me know. Even if it is “Post more regularly”, or “Be more opinionated” – let me know. When I return I will filter out the inevitable spam and read all your constructive comments. If I can, I will implement.

Enjoy the German Grand Prix and I look forward to hearing all about it when I return. And as a quick side note: Last year in San Cipriano, I watched the Hungarian Grand Prix post-race press conference from my hotel room. Michael Schumacher was speaking German, this was immediately dubbed over into English, and the RAI TV Network dubbed the whole shaboodle into Italian before it came out of the televisions speakers. Quite the audible mess…!

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