US Grand Prix Future

US Grand Prix Future

As I was kind of expecting, the Indianapolis circuit bosses are going to wait until after this years US Grand Prix before deciding on the future of the F1 event. After last years farce of a race, Formula One took quite a beating in the US and I am sure the event organisers are concerned about F1’s reputation in the States.

I guess we shall have to wait and see what the outcome is after the race on July 2nd. But Bernie Ecclestone has aparently looked into moving the event to Nevada if the worse came to the worse.

Via BBC Motorsport.


  • Has anything actually been done to fix the tyre problem they had last season or are they going to have the will they/won’t they chicane thing all over again?

    Is that a stupid question?

  • No such thing as a stupid question 😉

    Part of the problem last year that contributed to the fiasco was the teams not being allowed to change tyres during the race. This was meant to spice up the action a bit!

    This year however, the Governing Body (the FIA) have allowed tyres to be changed during the races. So hopefully this kind of situation shouldn’t happen again.

  • I must say, as an American into Formula One I’m already misunderstood by the NASCAR fans, which there’s a million of them to every F1 fan, I’m not too disappointed that its not going to Indy next year. Its the most boring track of the championship. It should come out west to Laguna Seca like Moto GP, or a new San Diego street circuit on a closed military base, maybe even Road America. Our tracks lack smooth pavement like our roadways. If T their’s no US Grand Prix, I don’t think the 5000 of us will miss it too much, since most of us are in California anyway.

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