Toyota TF108: Launch & Photos

Toyota TF108: Launch & Photos

Toyota TF108 LaunchToyota have unveiled their TF108 challenger today, the car they hope will aid a return to form for the Japanese team. After a disastrous 2007 campaign, Toyota looked to be in real trouble, compounded recently when the team principal was given two years to get results. However, today is not one for the team to look back, but one to look forward. Drivers Jarno Truilli and Timo Glock and test driver Kamui Kobayashi took the wraps off the new car at the teams headquarters in Cologne, presenting the 2008 machine to the media.

As usual, the squad were buoyant and spoke of returning to competitive ways, hyping up the TF108 as a significant improvement over last years poor showing.

We have to perform significantly better than in 2007. I believe we have the same level of hardware and resources as the top teams, we simply need to keep pushing to improve the total package. John Howett.

Of course, our ultimate target is the middle step of the podium – we are in Formula 1 to win and we want to do that soon. Our clear target in 2008 is to make a big improvement in our results because we were not satisfied with our performance last year. We expect to have a truly competitive car so our drivers should be aiming to finish in the points regularly and challenging for the podium. Tadashi Yamashina.

The new car features a bridged front wing like McLaren, having passed on their moustache nose to Ferrari. The car looks reasonably straight forward with few flourishes to disturb the lines. It does however, look much like every other Toyota I’ve seen, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be good. The team are due to commence testing on Sunday 13th January with a simple roll out and shakedown before heading out to Jerez for the first test session of the year..

Photographs Of The TF108

Toyota TF108 Launch Toyota TF108 Launch

Toyota TF108 Launch Toyota TF108 Launch


  • Hmm, it looks neat enough and has the fancy front wing that seems to be the fashion of the moment.

    I really wish the FIA would insist that teams released shots of each car painted in a uniform colour with no logos to make it a lot easier to compare them all!

  • @Clive: The way the rules are going at the moment, I wouldn’t be surprised if all the cars were the same. I think it was Brawn who recently said that by mid-2008 Formula One will essentially be a single formula thanks to the design restrictions and limited development/testing time.

    @Craig: At least we get to see the rear of this one. Ferrari and McLaren are so secretive about the backside of their cars. Probably just means that Toyota have nothing worth hiding though.

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