Sweet Renault Music

Sweet Renault Music

Can a Formula One car play music?

Well, this Renault is definitely playing Britain’s national anthem, God Save The Queen, whilst on show at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed. Presumably orchestrated using a computer to rev the engine at certain times to produce each pitch, it is quite interesting. Well, for about 30 seconds anyway.

Found via doctorvee.co.uk – many thanks.


  • actually i think it was a talented engineer with a joystick, the tune varied significantly each time he did it.

    what doesn’t come across on the video is just how freakin’ loud that v10 is…escpecially under canvas.

  • Ah, from the horses mouth (so to speak – k attended Goodwood this year, I believe).

    F1 cars are very loud indeed – just look at the audience in the video, they all have their fingers in their ears!

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