Super Aguri Arrive In Melbourne

Super Aguri Arrive In Melbourne

Super Aguri - 2008 TestingThere is still no official confirmation they’re in. Neither driver has been confirmed and little more has been said about the financial status of Super Aguri. But their freight has arrived in Melbourne, and that is a strong sign they will be taking part. Phew. Team boss Aguri Suzuki has spent much of his winter off-season trying to drum up investment in his plucky team, feeling the force of Honda has they insist Aguri take care of themselves.

Originally it was an Indian backer that was thought to be injecting some cash, but that would mean Anthony Davidson being replaced with Narain Karthikeyan or Karun Chandhok. Then came the stern voice of Honda again, insisting that Davidson retain his seat because of the good he does for the family. Since then all sorts of rumours have been flying around, none of which have made it to official-dom yet.

But Aguri are in Melbourne, which means they will likely start the 2008 season at least. How far they make only time will, but they are there, fighting as ever.


  • Well, not necessarily. Remember Arrows at France or Belgium in 2002? Getting there is one thing, getting on the grid is completely another.

  • That’s true, Arrow’s eventually ran out of money mid-season and called it quits. Just seems odd shipping everything over to Melbourne if Aguri know they won’t be taking part.

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