Spyker Sell Advertising Space Via eBay

Spyker Sell Advertising Space Via eBay

Christijan Albers - 2007 Malaysian Grand PrixDutch team Spyker have launched a new initiative that will hopefully see them sell advertising space on their F8-VII via the popular online auction site, eBay. Spyker have added a myriad of new sponsors to the team since acquiring the outfit from Midland late last year. The team, which is owned by a consortium made of some people who made their money online, are also raising money for the charity War Child by auctioning prizes and opportunities to attend test sessions.

With Honda already pushing the envelope of what is considered the norm in modern Formula One sponsorship duties, Spyker are attempting a first with their eBay adventure. It goes well with the youthful image of the team, and as the bosses are internet savvy, I guess we should have expected this sooner or later. But with a starting price of €3,000,000 for a spot on the engine cover, I think I’ll pass up the opportunity this time around.

Click here to see the listing.

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