Spyker Seal Ferrari Engine Deal For 2007

Spyker Seal Ferrari Engine Deal For 2007

Kolles and Todt Sign To Share Ferrari EnginesSpyker – new owners of Midland F1 – have cemented a deal to run Ferrari V8’s next year in a bid to improve their competitiveness and move off the back of the grid. The team have also re-sign Dutch driver Christijan Albers as expected, leaving one seat left which is currently being hunted by Tiago Monteiro, Robert Doornbos and Christian Klien. It is rumoured that Spyker are looking for 5 million for the drive next year, but if it was based solely on previous performances, I cannot see how Tiago would lose out. The Portugese driver has often put in some electrifying performances and often put his Joran/Midland where it shouldn’t be. However, Spyker’s Dutch owners will probably by vying for a Dutch driver, which will boost Doornbos’ chances, and Spyker will be looking for money – and who know’s which one that will favour!

The engine deal means three teams will run Ferrari’s next year, along with Ferrari and one of the Red Bull teams sharing the powerful Italian unit. It may also mean that for the first time in many years Cosworth power will not be competing. Jaguar used Ford Cosworth when they were still operational, and Minardi and Forti’s often used the British-tuned engines. Recently, Williams returned to Cosworth’s and despite many failures, the British team have occasionally looked quite fast this year. But with Toyota expanding their portfolio to Williams and Spyker opting for the Ferrari, it looks less and less likely that Cosworth will have a role in Formula One next season.

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