Speed Fined For Swearing

Speed Fined For Swearing

Scott Speed has been apparently fined $5,000 for swearing at David Coulthard during a stewards meeting at the Australian Grand Prix. It is reported that he told Coulthard to f*** off in front of an audience of people who gasped at the language Scott used.

The actually event of swearing doesn’t bother me too much. Giancarlo Fisichella’s colourful language was broadcast to several million viewers recently when the FOM cut the live show to Giancarlo’s radio. Obviously unknown to him at the time, Fisi decided to vocalise his discomfort with the car. I don’t believe Fisichella was repremanded for this, afterall, it was a ‘private conversation’ between himself and his engineer.

However, what really bothers me is Scott’s response to questions asked today in Imola, ahead of Sundays San Marino Grand Prix.

The situation was that I was surprised at how strict everyone is over there with the stewards, and I stepped over a line…

But I won’t do it again, I guess.

“I guess”. I should bloody hope he doesn’t do it again! It is also reported that whilst talking to a home audience, he said that he felt the need to stick up for himself before people started to take advantage of him because of his nationality.

Because of his nationality? It is attitudes like this that make some other countries dislike American’s so much. He doesn’t have to stick up for himself because of where he was born or lives, he needs to stick up for himself because of his performance. I’m sure I’m not the only who thinks this, but I don’t look at Scott and think, “stupid American trying to make his way in F1”. I think, “Scott has been put in the deep end, and he’ll either sink or swim.”

This isn’t football, where in the past many players have got off scott free (sorry) for swearing. Even if the cameras haven’t picked the audio, it is often visually clear what is being said. Of course, nowadays, the FA punish players who blatantly use foul language (sorry, again), and I believe the FIA and the stewards should do the same. Set the example and don’t let F1 descend into a swearing match between drivers.


  • Personally, I dislike most forms of swearing. I think it’s unneccessary and kinda uneducated. But you can see how in the heat of the moment, and the passion of the sport swearing sometimes occurs.

    American attitudes are such that Speed thinks the whole world is against him in particular for no apparent reason. I dislike him (for holding up Jenson Button in Malaysia. Yes, I hold a grudge), but not because of where he comes from.

    To teach them a lesson, I think they should have a little swear box inside their car. Every time they swear, they have to put 10p in. It’ll add weight to the cars and slow them down.

    Or just fine them. Whatever.

  • Chris: A swear box, what a brilliant idea! Although with drivers salaries, maybe it should be some kind of vocal recognition computer with WiFi that automatically debits the drivers account and limits the revs for a few laps!

    K: If there is one sport on this planet that evokes such strong and passionate emotion, it would have to be Scalextric!

  • Sol, I believe Speed is having to pay the fine but they have said little else. This implies that the team aren’t too bothered, but are setting some kind of example by making the driver pay.

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