So Much For Support: ADAC Asks For Mosley To Reconsider

So Much For Support: ADAC Asks For Mosley To Reconsider

Germany’s national motoring body, ADAC, has written to Max Mosley asking the president of the FIA to reconsider his position within the organisation. This news comes after an extraordinary general meeting was called by Mosley via the FIA Senate. Mosley had stated in a letter to all FIA members earlier in the week that he had support from within the FIA and has been encouraged to continue in his role. Now, however, it appears that not all feel the same way.

Yesterday saw the Formula One teams speak out against the president, in particular BMW and Mercedes have distanced themselves from the embarrassed 67 year-old. Max did respond but only drew further controversy by reminding these companies of their own exploits during the second world war. In all honesty, I don’t think it went down all that well in Munich and Stuttgart.

And now, with the Formula One drivers currently running around the Sakhir circuit in Bahrain, FIA members ADAC have sent Mosley a letter drawing on concerns that are present in a growing number of people. The press release is as follows:

In a letter to FIA president Max Mosley, the ADAC has distanced itself from events surrounding his person. According to the ADAC, the role of an FIA president who represents more than 100 million motorists worldwide should not be burdened by such an affair. Therefore, we ask the president to ‘very carefully reconsider his role within the organisation’.

According to the ADAC, the appropriate FIA process has to take care of the matter. It is in the interests of this world organisation to carry on with its duties without the burden of this affair. ADAC Press Release.

So much for support and sympathy, eh Max?

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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