Silverstone Improvements

Silverstone Improvements

ITV-F1 is reporting that Silverstone is increasing its capacity for this years British Grand Prix.

As well as extending several grandstands around the Formula One circuit, they intend to build a new seating stand on the outside of Club corner. This will be along side the existing facilities and will help boost the circuits profile and increase capacity (and income, presumably). Silverstone has often come under rap from high-level Formula One critiques for being old and antiquated.

Hopefully this is the first step in many to help rejuvenate the home of British motorsport.


  • I would hardly think Silverstone needs rejuvenating. While extra seating capacity is also welcome, the venerable old speedway has one of the most diverse racing calenders in the world.

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  • Whilst you may believe the circuit needs no rejuvenation, people like Bernie Ecclestone are often quoted as saying the facilities are old and outdated.

    This is worrying because I firmly believe that Silverstone should remain on the calendar, and the UK need to have a presence in Formula One. Many times in the past couple of years I found myself getting frustrated at threats to remove the venue, which in my opinion are totally unjustified.

    I think when Silverstone is compared to the new circuits like Sepang, Sakhir and Shanghai then it probably does look old and tired. I agree with what you say and feel that if this new seating makes the “venerable old speedway” look better in certain peoples eyes, then all for the better.

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  • […] The British Grand Prix at Silverstone has occasionally come under fire from Bernie Ecclestone for being outdated and behind the times. The BRDC (who still own the track) have been spending money in attempts to improve the facilities (earlier this year they announced a new grandstand) and silence its critics. The circuit is now allowed to host the race until 2009, whereupon the future of the British Grand Prix will once again come to the fore. […]

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