Schumacher Loses Pole

Schumacher Loses Pole

 Schumacher being pushed up the pit lane in MonacoMichael Schumacher has had his pole position taken away from him by the stewards and race officials in Monaco after what was probably a very long wait for the German World Champion.

I’m sure everyone has heard of the incident by now, and you can read more about it here (particularly in the comments). This news obviously promotes Fernando Alonso to 1st and effectively ruins Schumacher’s chances of equaling Ayrten Senna’s record of six wins on the Monte Carlo streets. The other winner from all this is Mark Webber, who sensationally put his car in 3rd before the Schumacher ruling, and now is second only to the reigning world champion.

With overtaking in Monaco at a premium, and with Schumacher in a fast Ferrari next to Fisichella in a fast Renault, it is going to be a very exciting grand prix tomorrow.


  • I don’t fancy Ferrari’s chances of scoring any points tomorrow! They dominate the back row of the grid, so their only chance is if everyone else writes each other off in the first corner!

    I can only imagine Schumacher’s reaction to this. I wonder if he feels like racing tomorrow, knowing that he has been called a cheat?

  • It isn’t the first time Schumacher has been called a cheat. I realise that fans of drivers will stand by them no matter what, but Jerez 1997 was out and out wrong. This one is a little bit more ambiguous though, but the stewards have ruled and I’m sure he’ll race just as hard and just as determined. Knowing Schumi, he’ll probably go one to win the race tomorrow! 😀

  • I’m afraid that just made me laugh – serves him right!

    I might even watch the race tomorrow – now that’s about the first time I’ve said that about an F1 race for at least 5 years.

    *girly giggle*

  • Julia, I think you should tune in to the race tomorrow. Alonso will probably run off into the distance from the get-go, but Raikkonen is in the hunt if he can make a good start and Webber could throw up a surprise as well. And Schumacher, Massa and Fisichella will be determined to make up places and capatilise on retirements. It’s gonna be a cracker of a race, and I haven’t said that in about 5 years as well. 😉

  • ahhhhh, finally justice is served. fancy charlie not standing by ferarri, fancy michael being declared a cheat…and at monaco of all places.

    anyone think the odds of michael quitting the end of this season has been dramatically reduced?

    i was miserable this afternoon, am soooo happy now.

  • I’m thinking the same, maybe Michael will call it quits and retire at the end of the season. I suppose it depends on his mindset:

    1. It is now time to retire. I have lost the respect of other drivers and I should go quietly.

    2. I want to put right what I did wrong and show the world I am still the best.

    I leaning towards #1.

  • i’m thinking bernie might have a word or two in his ear. something like – “you keep ruining my sport, isn’t it about time you took a break?”

  • Odd that Michael had fastest lap over Alonso, fastest man to the back of the grid, way to go BS F1

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