Robert Kubica Suffers Broken Leg After Huge Accident

Robert Kubica Suffers Broken Leg After Huge Accident

Following Jarno Trulli down the 180mph back straight at todays Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, Robert Kubica’s car caught the rear-right wheel on the Toyota. Kubica’s BMW was launched into the air and off to the right where it narrowly missed a stationery Toro Rosso. The car clipped the barriers and rolled back left across the circuit, again narrowly missing other cars in the process. The BMW clouted the left side barriers hard and eventually came to a rest on the outside area of the hairpin on its side.

Marshals were on the scene very quickly and the safety car was immediately deployed to assist the marshals venturing onto the circuit to clear up the debris. Medics soon followed and Kubica was carefully extracted from the car and taken to the medical centre, located near to the crash site.

Robert Kubica - 2007 Canadian Grand PrixAlthough the initial reports were very good, it later emerged that Robert has sustained a broken leg, although that is the worst of his injuries. He will almost certainly have to sit out the US, French and British Grands Prix. While nothing has been said yet, Sebastian Vettel must be leading the way to take over temporarily, having impressed team bosses up and down the paddock with his Friday testing roles. I’m sure BMW will make an announcement soon.

Praise must be given to Formula One’s cars, as that level of impact would have almost certainly killed a driver not so many years ago.

Update: It now appears that reports stating Robert has a broken leg may not be correct. Nobody has confirmed this injury and the team are expecting Robert to be released from hospital today (Monday). He may have actually got away with no physical injury whatsoever. If that is the case, then Kubica is one lucky boy. More news will be reported later today when more information is known.


  • I’m just amazed he survived, let alone with such (relatively) limited injury. Indeed a testament to how well built the modern F1 car is.

  • I would echo those thoughts, watching it live I feared the worst and was amazed when the initial reports suggested he was in one piece – even a broken leg would appear a relatively minor injury considering the magnitude of the accident.

    I’ve got a BMW myself, hopefully there road cars are built as good!

  • I sat, mouth agape, with tears in my eyes after watching that shunt. what an awful feeling. It is with great fortune, and inpeccible safety standards that he’s still with us.

    godspeed Robert!

  • ..I haven’t seen anything as horrific since Greg Moore’s fatal crash at Fontana..without the HANS device I don’t think Mr. Kubica would still be with us..a graphic example that demonstrates not only the safety of these cars but also the danger these road warriors still face every time they strap on their helmets..also congratulations to LH..he is continuing to prove his talent is for real..keep putting him in a competative car and I don’t think anyone else out there can stop him..

  • ..once again Hamilton proves he’s no fluke..this time he was tested by his 2 time WDC team-mate and didn’t flinch under the pressure..all these talented veterans should be starting to feel in awe of this driving prodigy..records stand to be intriguing race but ultimately just another F1 parade..

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