Renault Request Engines Be Equalised

Renault Request Engines Be Equalised

Renault have apparently written to the FIA to request their RS27 power unit be modified to equalise it with the others. Formula One currently operates under an engine-freeze, meaning the plants should be equal to each other in terms of performance and cannot be improved upon in terms of outright performance. However, Renault believe their engine has fallen behind their rivals recently as minor tweaks are made between seasons. Autosport state that difference between suppliers could be as much as 30bhp.

It is believed that Renault have requested a series of updates be made to the RS27 engine regarding both reliability and cost reduction measures, although these changes would likely see performance gains as well to bring them in line with others.

There is an issue with the engines and it would be a great shame if, under the engine freeze, engine performance is going to dictate the championship. Renault need to find a solution and quickly. Christian Horner.

The application to make updates to the Renault engine have been submitted under ‘fair and equitable’ grounds section in the regulations and both Renault and Red Bull Racing await the FIA’s decision.

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