Red Bull Stick 30,000 Pictures On The RBR3s

Red Bull Stick 30,000 Pictures On The RBR3s

Red Bull Racing - Wings For Life 2007Red Bull Racing are in the process of sticking 30,000 faces on their cars which will compete in the 2007 British Grand Prix this weekend. In an idea to raise lots of money for the Wings For Life charity, Red Bull have allowed fans to donate £10 and upload an image to be printed on either David Coulthard’s or Mark Webber’s car.

I know that most of the support from the fans will be for the Brit drivers this weekend at Silverstone, but this year I’ve got thousands of my own fans travelling with me every inch of the way. This ‘Faces for Charity’ initiative is a really good idea and apart from the fact it has raised a lot of money for a worthwhile cause, I also think mine and David’s cars look really great in their special livery. Mark Webber.

The team have raised £1,000,000 for the charity, which works tirelessly in trying to find cures to spinal injuries, something that a lot of Formula One hold close to their hearts. Interestingly though, Red Bull have worked hard to ensure that the stickers applied do not affect the car in any way, which explains the absence of faces on the front and rear wings and any leading edges of the car. Other blog owners to donate (that I know of) include Sidepodcast and doctorvee (who snapped up two spots).

For reference, I’m on DCs car (no doubt sans third gear) on the right hand side of the monocoque. My picture, erm, kinda looks like the green icon you should be seeing in the address bar in your browser. That’s what I look like, honest!


  • That looks a lot better than the car we were talking about last week! What do you think they’ve done to fill up those extra spaces? Have they used some photographs twice? It looks to me as though there are a lot of pictures from someone’s skiing holiday among them!

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