Qualifying Changes

Qualifying Changes

The F1 French Grand Prix will see two changes made to the qualifying format. These changes have been made to hopefully improve the session and minimise the initial lack of action in session three. We shall see if it has any real effect later today, but I for one feel the changes are the going to be better, even if I do feel that ‘ye olde qualye’ is better than any kind of one-lap or knockout format.

Changes to session one and two:

Drivers may now complete the lap they are on when the time reaches zero. Previously, this was dis-allowed and only completed laps counted. Now, if a driver crosses the start/finish line at 14 minutes and 59 seconds into the session (just before the session ends), he may complete the lap and have it counted towards qualifying.

Changes to session three:

The session has been shortened from 20 minutes to 15 minutes. This change has been made to reduce the amount of ‘fuel-burning’ laps where drivers have been cruising (within 110% of pole time) around just burning off fuel before launching an attack about 8 minutes before the session ends. With a shorter session, we should only see cruising laps for about 5 minutes.


  • It’s definitely an improvement. Still prefer the 12laps, one hour session.

    (The cruising lap times have to be within 110% of their fastest lap, as opposed to the pole time.)

  • I stand corrected Don, thanks.

    The session was better, particularly with the Alonso/Schumacher contest in session three. Hopefully this will become commonplace as less time to create a gap means track position is more important.

    I have to agree with Don though, the old one hour 12 lap session is still superior.

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