Nurburgring Honours Schumacher

Nurburgring Honours Schumacher

The Nurburgring circuit in Germany is to honour Michael Schumacher by naming one of their corners after the multiple World Champion. After winning on the track five times and winning a record seven titles, Nurburgring is naming the fast left and right switchback that follows the Dunlop hairpin the ‘Schumacher S’. Michael is often said as being one of the many people who have helped transform the circuit over the years, offering opinions from a drivers viewpoint on how the track should be shaped.

The circuit is often called Schumacher’s home track as it is closer to his home town of Kerpen than the Hockenheimring, that up until this season held the German Grand Prix. However, due to financial issues facing both tracks, Nurburgring will take over the German Grand Prix reigns and Michael is expected to attend this year and drive a lap of honour before the race.

I am very proud of this honour which they have given me. Michael Schumacher.

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  • you know what would really annoying? if ITV were to show THAT LAP, while refusing to show actual F1 drivers during free practice.

    really annoying.

  • Ah, you can always tell Chris from Me me.

    Five Sterling Pounds says that:

    ITV UK show Michael Schumacher’s lap of honour on either Saturday 21st or Sunday 22nd of July 2007. Conditional to this is that during these two broadcasts, they cannot show any lap by a driver from either of Friday’s free practice sessions from the same event. Should neither be shown on ITV, Ollie will make a funny face while posting the Grand Prix result, honest!

    Five quid is on the table, and hopefully no spectacular crashes on Friday in Germany.

  • Well then accept the bet and be angry and poor! You can’t beat a man for trying to win ‘heads you lose tails I win!’ 😉

    For sure ITV will show the lap, regardless of when he drives it. And to be honest, I’ve seen thousands of Schumi laps, why does this one matter?

  • Most ITV viewers will be more interested in seeing one lap by Schumacher than the free practice sessions.

  • Also, I was gonna say that Jack is right – most “ITV viewers” would be interested in the lap by Schumacher.

    Most F1 fans, however, would much prefer to see the free practice.

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