No Changes To Fuji Pitlane

No Changes To Fuji Pitlane

Sakon Yamamoto - 2007 Japanese Grand PrixAs reported yesterday afternoon, a number of concerns have been raised by the drivers concerning the fast entrance to the pitlane at the remodeled Fuji Speedway. The drivers met and discussed the issues yesterday, which appear to revolve around the fast right-left flick as the cars leave the circuit at high speed. While a number of competitors suggested shifting the speed limit forward, others wanted to see the pit lane entrance re-shaped, possibly into a simply straight run-in, just like at Monza. The FIA promised to take a look yesterday evening, and today they have said they are not in a position to make any changes.

FIA Race Director Charlie Whiting inspected the area on Friday night, and has decided the pit lane entry is safe and meets current safety requirements as it is. However, extra marker boards have been erected to warn drivers of the approach to the pitlane. Few drivers have yet to comment about this apparent slap in the face, although it is fair to say that altering the pitlane at such short notice (in the pouring rain) would have been troublesome at the minimum.

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