News Round-up: Pre Monaco

News Round-up: Pre Monaco

Monaco Harbour - 2006As the Formula One circus takes over the tiny principality sandwiched between France and Italy, I thought I would take just five minutes to recap all the news stories that have happened over the last week or so. I’m sure there will be more to discuss closer to this weekend, and undoubtedly afterwards, but for now, here’s how last week went.

Alex Wurz and his wife Julia are expecting their third child. Already blessed with Charlie and Felix, it was announced that the Wurz’s will be adding another early next year. Alex is delighted and is apparently looking forwards to increasing his family.

Julia and I both want a large family, so with number three on the way we are naturally very happy. Alex Wurz.

Michael Schumacher’s final Formula One car that he raced in Brazil last year went up for auction on Sunday. Sotheby’s held the auction at the Ferrari headquarters in Maranello, Italy, and alongside the 248 were the 2003, 1997 and 1983 cars. Naturally, the 248 took the most money, going to the highest bid of $2.3m. The 2003 machine went for a cool $2m, the 1997 car went for $1m while the 1983 racer was sold for $560,000.

Also auctioned off was a steering wheel ($85,000), a V10 engine ($62,000), an autographed Schumacher helmet ($30,000), one autographed Schumacher race suit ($28,000) and many other ancillary items and car parts. In total, Ferrari raised approximately $50m. Not bad for a Sunday afternoons work.

Lewis Hamilton believes he can still retain his championship lead this weekend due to his past performances around the streets of Monaco. Hamilton dominated the circuit in Formula 3 and GP2, and while he realises he is still to win his maiden victory, the young Briton is certainly buoyed by his points haul so far.

I am going to the race again this year with the intention of fighting for the win, but that is the case at everything I compete in. For me it is the best circuit of the year, there is no where like it for getting the adrenaline going, because the track is so tight and there are no run-off areas, you have to be incredibly precise, there is no room for error and as a driver that makes it all the more exciting. Lewis Hamilton.

Cora Schumacher, wife to Toyota driver Ralf, has stood up for her man while speaking to German publication Bild. After accompanying her husband to the recent test in France, and with son David in tow, she explained that Ralf is determined to come to terms with the under performing TF107, and is working very hard on getting the most out of the car.

Everyone who knows him properly, knows what his single goal is to bring the Toyota team forwards. I know what Ralf knows, and he will be strong in Monaco. Cora Schumacher.

Oh, and Alex Wurz explains what happens in Monaco during the Grand Prix week.

The whole town turns a bit nuts for the whole week of the Grand Prix, but usually it’s so quiet in Monaco. It’s a strange week, so many people come down. Rich, poor, stunning, nice, arrogant… and some normal ones! Alex Wurz.

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  • Hamilton has proved in his successful past races at Monaco that the tight confines of the track won’t necessarily force him into making a mistake – whether that will be different in an F1 car we don’t know, but I doubt it.

    At Monaco, a lot comes down to qualifying – or in other words, not being stuck behind slower cars for lap after lap.

    So far, Lewis has shown he can qualify with the best of them – albeit not necessarily on the same fuel load as others, but as overtaking is practically impossible there then that’s not such a big issue.

    It’s going to be interesting – not sure if I want him to win just so ITV and F1 Racing, etc shut up about it all, or if that would just make them worse…

  • @Alianora: I like his style as well. Much like Mark Webber; down to earth and honest.

    @Craig: I think that no matter what Lewis does (win or lose) ITV won’t stop. If he wins, he’ll become a national hero, and if he loses he’ll get beaten up in the media in much the same way as Jenson has. Flip a coin…

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